K2000 Pneumatic Polyurethane Spray Machine Polyurethane Spray Foam Equipment

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Price:$2,800.00 - $3,100.00
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Product Overview


Basic Purpose

Interior Wall Insulation

Building External Wall Insulation

Interior Wall Insulation 
For Roof Coating

Products Description

Reanin-K2000 is a basic, inexpensive and portable polyurethane spray and injection machine, suitable for two-component polyurethane spray technology. It is small in size, easy to operate and maintain, and is especially suitable for small area projects.

Standard Configuration
Reanin-K2000 Polyurethane Spray Machine
Applicable materials
The ratio of raw material
Viscosity range of raw materials
200-1000CPS (under working temperature)
Max working pressure
Max fluid temperature
Max output
Max heated hose length (Optional)
Heater power
Heated hose max power
Drive mode
Full pneumatic
Clean mode
Self-cleaning by air
Voltage (Optional)
Single phase 220V 50Hz
Three phase 380V 50Hz
Whole power
Pneumatic source
0.5-0.8Mpa 1m³/min

Standard Configuration:
Reanin-K2000 mainframe
1 set
Reanin spray gun
1 set
Transfer pump
2 sets
Heated hose
Whip hose
2 pcs
Transfer pump hose
2 pcs
Air pipe
1 set
Tools and spare parts
1 set
English user manual
1 set

Transportation Parameters (Based on standard configuration):
Reanin-K2000 Polyurethane Spray Machine
Package size (LXWXH)
Net weight
Gross weight

Detailed Images

1.This machine has pass the CE certificate,
2.Panel with operation tips is easy to set up,
3.Fully pneumatic design, it can work normally  without electricity,
4.The booster pump is simple in structure and easy to disassemble and maintain,
5.The stop reset function can make the booster pump shafts always infiltrated in the booster pump, which can avoid damage to the seals and booster pump shafts caused by ISO crystallization,
6.A/B/Hose independent temperature control, can set different temperatures separately, adapt to the temperature requirements of different material,
7.Variable frequency temperature control mode and special real-time temperature collection sensor ensure that the material temperature is controlled within a small fluctuation range,
8.The integrated heated hose is covered with wear-resistant insulating sleeve, which not only can effectively keep the temperature of the material, but also can prevent the occurrence of leakage, short circuit, etc.
9.The transfer pumps, mainframe and spray gun are equipped with filtering devices, which can effectively filter impurities and crystals in the materials and reduce the occurrence of the blocking gun,
10.High-precision pressure gauges are available in MPA and PSI to meet the needs of different customers,
11.Equipped with an action counter to accurately calculate the amount of raw materials,
12.The spray gun is made of alloy material, light weight, less wearing parts, easy to use and maintain.

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