0~32KV 1000J GWHVSG-500G DC Hipot Tester High Voltage signal Generator

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Product Overview


Product name: 0~32KV 1000J GWHVSG-500G DC Hipot Tester for HV hipot Test/DC High Voltage Generator


HVSG-TDRL650 (18)




The HVSG-500GN Integrated High Voltage Signal Generator is used to offer signal source for the fault locating and pinpointing. Together with the

 PCLC-901D&PCLD-904P items, it’s easy to do:

Impulse current distance measurement

Sound magnetic synchronous method for pinpointing

Design Features


HVSG-500GN Integrated High Voltage Signal Generator

Integrated design with small size and light

Different sub-models with difference specification

Imported safety case,professional and portable

Built in energy-storage capacitor without HV leak and safe operation

HV directly connect with the faulty cable, easy wiring and safe operation

Built-in high power quick charging and short discharge period

Multiple safety protection support Zero position start and release HV power energy after power off

Multiple working methods of single,period and DC

Step adjustable voltage with LED indication

Tech. Specifications

Output surge voltage

0~32KV, Continuously variable

Max. power energy


Energy-storage capacitor 



AC 220V.50Hz




25 kgs

Operating Temperature






Physical Characteristics


1. The overall organization:



AC220 port: 220V,50Hz power,above 2kw


Power indicator: when device power on the indicator light


HV closed/separated: when device power on, the HV circuit is still not work.Only adjust the knob to ZERO position and then press HV closed/separated button, the HV circuit will work.

HV closed indicator light and do HV output.

When device under the HV output status,press HV closed/separated button, the HV circuit will stop work and HV separated indicator will light and meanwhile to discharge the electric charge in built-in HV capacity and tested cable.

Only to adjust the knob to the ZERO position press HV closed.separated button to start HV circuit work again.


HV closed indicator: bright when HV circuit work


HV separated indicator: bright when HV circuit stop working


HV adjust knob: adjust the output voltage according tested cable HV withstand voltage


Voltage indication: LED to display the output voltage.

When do one HV impact,if the LED display big value,it means the faulty point is breakdown,if small value,the faulty points is not breakdown.


Discharging mode : three different modes of DC,Single and period.

DC is for flashover fault pre-location and common match with the HV adjustment.

Single is for HV resistance fault pre-location. Press Single button to do one time discharge.

Period is for pinpointing. When under this mode,the device will auto discharge according the set time period. Default is 5 seconds.  


Single discharge button: when device under the Single mode,press this button to do one discharge and signal output.

It is valid when other mode.

1) HV output cable: connect the tested faulty cable and inject the HV and signal into the faulty cable.The red clip is negative HV output,the black clip is tested grounding. When phase-sheath fault to contact the cable sheath by black clip and connect the red clip with faulty core line.And when phase-phase fault, to connect the black clip and read clip with two faulty cores.For safety,theres instruction that can do auto cable discharging when device power off.

* when use this device please make sure to keep far from the output clip and after use, disassemble after discharging and the HV indication is zero.

2) Protection grounding: it is the device protection grounding point. For safe please make sure device reliable grounding.

Detailed steps:

1) Connect the power line and HV output line of HVSG-500GN.*when connection, please contact the unused phase together with the testing ground to ground connection. Connect the Protective grounding line to the earth mat to keep a good connection. Meanwhile, connect the discharge rod.

2) Choose the connect method according requirement. Connect the HV output line of HVSG-500GN with the fault cable. The details refer the matched  PCLC -901D&PCLD-904P Guide.

3) Turn the voltage adjustment button to the ‘ZERO’position. Connect the power line and start the device, so the 'Power supply' indicator will onlight.

4) Choose the discharge method according the cable fault:

Ø Flashover fault with small cable current leaking: DC Discharging method.

Ø Other fault: Single mode.

Ø Pinpointing: Period mode

5) Check the line connection and the device working mode again.

6) Adjust the HV adjustment button to ZERO position and the Zero indicator will be bright. Press HV closed /separated button. The HV closed indicator indicator is light and it means the HV input power in connected.

7) According the cable voltage withstanding lever to spin the knob and make HV reach required HV level. After the HV knob leaves the ZERO position the Zero indicator light off.

8) The device will discharge according the work method you chose. SINGLE method is used for cable fault pre-locating. Press this button and will begin a discharge. PERIOD is for cable fault pinpointing. Period is 5 seconds.  

9) When distance measuring and pinpointing, we could judge whether the fault point is breakdown from HV indicator:

Ø HV indicator vary greatly : breakdown

Ø HV indicator vary little:not breakdown and we need to repeat the HV output and rise the output voltage.

10) After operating to press the HV closed/separated button to release the energy in the device. Press ON/OFF button to turn down the device. After this, use the discharge rod to release the current of the HV output side again.

11) After current releasing, don't remove the connected wire before the HV output display needle pointing to the 'ZERO' position

Security warming

1. The max voltage of the machine is 35kV.Please take care about this!

2. When the device working, please keep away from the output clamp!

3. Please don't insert the metallic items into the device!

4. Disassemble is forbidden to avoid heavy current shock

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