Canola oil vertical pressure leaf filter (62465683370)

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Product Overview


leaf filter (3)

MG Series Waste oil filter machine automatic slagging vertical leaf filter is a kind of pressure filtration equipment. Under pressure, the solid particles in the filtrate will be trapped on the filter leaves, and the filter cake is formed gradually. Under pressure, the filtrate goes through the filter cake. Then the filtrate outflow tube body through the filter tip. At last, you can get clear filtrate. With filtration time increases, so that the thickness of the filter cake ever thickening. The filter resistance is increasing, the tank pressure gradually increased to a certain value. Then you must be slagging. Stop pumping the filtrate into the tank and blowing compressed air through the tank overflow pipe. After the liquid is drained, blow the steam (or air) into the tank body to dry the filter cake. Then the vibrator starts, so that the vibration response of the filter, the filter cake on the leaves shaking off the bottom of the tank through the slag discharge valve body.

Detailes of Product

Detailed accessories of Canola oil vertical pressure leaf filter

 Leaf filter screen

Butterfly valve 

Whole leaf filter machine



 Actual  application of Canola oil vertical pressure leaf filter

The leaf filter is mainly used for bleaching, decolorizing, etc. of oil.  

Mainly used in oil industry( for used motor oil decolorization, for oil dewaxing, for acidified coconut oil filtering, for palm oil filtering, etc.); 

Environmental protection industry(rivers, lakes, water, sewage treatment station , water purification back to the swimming pool.), etc.

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Application of leaf filter



Technical Parameters
Technical specifications of Canola oil vertical pressure leaf filter


Model Filter square(m³) Diameter
Distance between filter leaf(mm) Inlet Outlet Overflow Slag outlet Height Weight
(mm) (mm) (mm) (kg)
MG-4 4 550 70 Dg50 80 Dg32 300 2000 460
MG-8 8 650 70 Dg50 80 Dg32 300 2100 890
MG-10 10 800 70 Dg50 80 Dg32 400 2300 1200
MG-15 15 900 70 Dg50 80 Dg32 400 2400 1500
MG-20 20 1100 75 Dg50 80 Dg32 400 2500 1800
MG-30 30 1200 75 Dg50 80 Dg32 400 2600 2500
MG-40 40 1300 75 Dg70 80 Dg50 500 3000 3400
MG-50 50 1400 75 Dg80 80 Dg50 500 3300 3800
MG-60 60 1500 75 Dg80 80 Dg50 600 3500 4500


 Main Features of Canola oil vertical pressure leaf filter

 ◊ Working pressure:0.1-0.49Mpa

 ◊ Design temperature:≤150°c

 ◊ Vibrator air pressure:0.45-0.6 Mpa

 ◊ Liquid content in slag: ≤0.5%

 ◊ Max. working pressure:0.6Mpa

0.0109 s.