Mesotherapy gun u225 Vital Injector 1 2 3 meso Gun Mesotherapy water injection hyaluronic injection gun

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Product Overview



Product Description


This machine is to directly inject hyaluronic acid into the skin, which makes the facial skin moisturizing and soft, bright and you will have the smooth and bright skin as an actor. It will provide a solution for dehydration in the dermis and eliminate wrinkles with big difference.



Vital Injector 2 Description:
Vital injector 2 is advantage machine use to deliver beauty dose such as hyaluronic acid into skin dermis directly, save the dose waste at the same time avoid pollution. Vaccum technique slightly lifting skin before needle inset, release suction before needle pulling out avoid blood vessel harm. Blunt and small needle head cause very a little bleeding is normal. Two hours later pinhole disappear.


Advantage of vital injector 2:
Comparing with the 1st vital injector, vital injector 2 upgrade the movement make it work silence and more smoother. Add double filter to avoid dirty access machine inside to block normal work, at the same time save machine cleaning steps.
Needle add flap ahead ensure more stable and accurate injection.
Both needle and filter are consumables, each piece support one customer one time use.






Vital injector 2 warranty & services:

One year warranty, we charge for quality problem within one month. Each machine with unique security code.

Train video and document will be offered. As customers needed offer brochure for clients who sitting on waiting room.



It is equipped with the 5-needle design. The safe belt should be removed before operation.


Hydrolifting with this machine is to directly inject hyaluronic acid into the skin. It can make the facial skin moist, refreshing, bright and tender, as well as reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles, with remarkable effect. You can get a skin as smooth and white as an entertainer with hydrolifting, and it could help you to cope with water shortage in the dermis.

This one is a skin technology recommended by professional staffs from medical cosmetics and skin care area. It uses a mature formula to take an effective care for your skin, thereby improving the function of the skin.



1. Moisturize the skin
2. Increase skin elasticit
3. Improve rough skin
4. Make the skin smooth
5. Improve skin tone and texture



Neddle Information

31G, Spin Multi Needle Type

Needle Penetration Control

0~5mm (Interval 0.2mm)

Syringe Type

1cc, 2cc, 3cc, 5cc

Operation Mode

Intermittent, Continuous

Voltage & Frequency

AC 120-240V, 50~60Hz

Dimension (WxDxHmm)

Injector: 290x46x172 Body:332x290x140


Gun LDG: 1.77 Inch
Body LCD: 5.0 Inch, Touch Screen


9KG (Body + Injector)


Injector Advantages:

1.Several speeds of needle are available, making it reach the proper depth.
2.Stable and precise medicine injection with vacuum technique.
3.It is easy to operate and easier to become skillful.


4.It will take less time to inject drug into the skin, reducing pain.

5.It will reduce drug loss.



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