JS250 Scarifier For Road Construction Milling Machine Concrete Scarifier

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Product Overview


JS250 Scarifier For Road Construction Milling Machine Concrete Scarifier

Concrete scarifier, also called surface planers or milling machines, is one of the most productive pieces of surface  pre equipment for heavy removal jobs and to prep for overlay.
They remove concrete faster and more aggressively than grinders.

Typical Applications:
Removal of concrete greater than 3mm
Thicker coatings removal
Epoxy removing
Light or heavy milling
Removing trip hazards in sidewalks
Grooving walkways to make them slip resistant
Leveling misaligned concrete joints
Leveling uneven surfaces

How scarifier work?
They use the pummeling action of multi-tipped cutting wheels, or flails, that rotate at high speeds to chip away at the concrete surface.

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Depth (One pass)
Cutter Qty
118 pcs
JS 250MM Scarifier
Self-leveling scarifying head that automatically adjust to contours in the floor.

Adjustable wheel precisely aligns depth and contact pressure settings through the handle.

Scarifiers are extremely effective for many different types of removal and surface prep jobs. Designed to remove paint, thin and
thick mil coatings, line striping, carpet adhesives, and other refined applications.

Cutting Blades
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Guides & Instructions
Operation steps
1, Check the integrity of the parts of the machine to see if there is any damage and affect the operation of the machine.
2, Adjust the handle, suitable for your work position. Adjust the depth of the milling head.
3, Check the motor voltage to match the power supply, such as 380V machine to connect 380V power supply.
4, Adjust the height of the handle, connect the vacuum cleaner, connect power source, rotating switch, motor starts and machine runs. Adjust the depth of milling, walking slowly to operate.
5, When machine works, both hands grip handle. Stop the machine by adjusting speed switch speed down to zero, and then press the emergency stop switch, the machine stop running, power off.

Company Introduction
JS Floor Systems has been established in 2009. Specializing in floor grinders, polishers, burnishers, scrubbers, vacuum cleaners and diamond tools. Our factory locates in Shanghai & Suzhou, China with professional R&D, technical support, production and sales team. Our service and products are appreciated by customers all over the world. JS grinders are available in several different sizes, operation modes and driven systems depending on your demands. JS Floor Systems have the largest range of floor grinders, covering everything from small edge grinder S320 to giant rider grinder D1400, operation modes available in walk behind, ride on, self-propelled and remote control, driven systems in gear construction. JS brand is recommended by customers as the machines are with superior quality, high efficiency, good service and reasonable price. Combined with JS industrial dust collectors, floor scrubbers and diamond tools, we offer a completed floor preparation system which guarantees that you finish the job with the best result and lower cost.

We have got the CE certificates, ISO 9001 and SGS approval. With professional R&D team, high tech Computer Numerical Control Center (CNC) and advantage welding robots, as well as the experienced support and marketing team, we are moving fast in this industry.
Manufacturing Technique
Gear box is the most important part of the grinding machine. With CNC machines, we ensure the high precision of gear box. Aluminum integral casting mold gear box provide the durability of the machine.
To get better quality control of the machine frame, the vacuum chamber and other welding parts, we introduced the welding robot. It highly increase the accuracy, repeat-ability, and throughput.
We’ll keep our studying and exploring in new technology to achieve continuous progress.
Gear box workshop
JS Showroom
Why Choose Us
One year warranty and life-time maintenance & spare parts service is provided.
JS is recommended by several of the largest flooring suppliers and concrete producers in the world.
Polished concrete training
What we make with JS floor grinders
All the machines are well installed and packed with accessories in crate.
Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A1: We are manufacturer and have factories in Shanghai and Suzhou, China. All the machines are shipped from Shanghai. Welcome to visit us!

Q2: Do you also produce diamond tools?
A2: Yes we produce both machines and diamond grinding / polishing pads.

Q3: Will the grinders come with resin pad holders?
A3: Yes, all the grinders include the magnet plates, resin pad holder, tool box and necessary accessories,

Q4: Can JS grinders be use for polishing?
A4: Yes of course. They can do both grinding and polishing, the RPM is 0-1800.

Q5: How long to produce?
A5: It depends on the models and qty, usually 3-15 days.

7*24 on line service
please contact: Ms. Echo
Mobile and whatsapp: +86 136 3149 9577
Email: echo.guan@jiansongsh.com

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