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Corn Starch is widely used in food formula such as baked products, also applied in the squeezed snacks and cassava grains of bead. Modified starch and starch derivatives have been used as thickener, binder, bulking agent and stabilizer. It’s also the best incremental agent, sweeteners, flavor agent carrier and fat substitutes. Food using tapioca starch including canned food, frozen food, dried food, baked food, leisure food, seasoning, soup seasoning, sausage, dairy, meat and fish products, baby foods.


The flavor can be greatly influenced by the type and amount of starch used. Ideally, the starch should contribute no flavor. Any flavor contribution is normally considered to be negative. Of the starches under consideration, tapioca contributes the least amount of flavor.

Modified starch used in paper industry can improve the paper quality, increase productivity and utilization rate of pulp. Cationic starch are used in flocculation pulp, improve the efficiency of wet end dehydration, it improved paper machine speed and get higher utilization rate of pulp. The starch remained in the paper as internal sizing agent can increase the strength of paper. Low viscosious starch, oxidized starch, for example, can be used as a surface sizing agent and improve paper strength are absorbency of printing&writing. Modified starch is also used as binder in the paint coating to produce smooth&white high-grade paper.


In the textile industry in order to improve efficiency of textile, cassava starch is often used as sizing agent to harden and protect yarn. As a finishing agent to produce high quality fabrics, used as a toner to obtain clear&abrasion resistant printed cloth. For textile application, it is ideal to use mild steamed starch.

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