Cobalt Square Tool Bit Metal Drilling Hss M2 M42 M35 HSS6542 1000mm CN;ZHE Carton Liaofu Plain

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Product Overview


Sichuan Liaofu Special Steel Industry Co., Ltd,A comprehensive professional manufacturing enterprise which has integrating smelting, electroslag remelting, forging, rolling, heat treatment and machining.The company has a complete set of advanced production equipment and production prehard precision plate, and so on.High speed steel tool bit with material high speed steel: 6542, 1841, 9341, 4341, 4241, 5241, M35.M2 M42
Materials: M42, M35 M2, high-speed tungsten and molybdenum alloy steel, high speed tungsten and molybdenum cobalt alloy steel; 

Produce name cobalt squar tool bit hss tool bit  length 200MM hardness 63hrc-69HRC

square hss tool bit sizes 4*4*200,5*5*200,6*6*200,7*7*200,8*8*200,9*9*200,10*10*200,11*11*200,12*12*200,13*13*200,14* 14*200,15*15*200,16*16*20018*18*200,20*20*200,22*22*200,24*24*200,25*25*200,26*26*200,28*28 *200,30*30*200,40x40x200

hss flat tool bits sizes 3*8*200,3*10*2003*12*200,3*14*200,3*16*200,3*18*200,3*20*200,3*25*200,3*30*200,4*10*200,4*1 2*200,4*14*200,4*18*200,4*20*200,4*25*200,4*35*200,5*8*200,5*10*200,5*12*200,5*14*200,5*16* 200,5*18*200,5*20*200 5*25*200,5*30*200,6*8*200,6*10*200,6*12*200,6*14*200,6*16*200,6*18*200,6*20*200,6*25*200,6* 30*200,8*10*200,8*12*200,8*14*200,8*16*200,8*18*200,8*20*200,8*25*200,8*30*200,8*40*20

other round tool bit
High cobalt series: M42, M35, rockwell hardness (HRC) 68-70℃ for the cutting of hard processing, ultra high strength materials
For example: stainless steel, titanium alloy, nickel alloy, quenched steel
Steel and other chemical composition complex machining field, is the ordinary tool life
More than 3 to 7 times, can completely replace foreign products

high property Hss-e: M2 with special ingredients, rockwell hardness (HRC) 66-69℃ for cutting of hard processing and high strength materials.For example: carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high
Quick tool steel, rolling bearing steel, negative spring, cast steel

Odinary hardness HSS-L: general high speed steel with special composition, rockwell hardness (HRC) 66℃ for medium Cutting of normal strength materials.Examples: iron, copper, aluminum, common carbon tools steel

Low alloy 4241: rockwell hardness (HRC) 61-62℃ with certain red hardness, excellent toughness, thermoplastic
Good performance, usually used in soft, medium strength metal cutting conditions






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