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 Bevel gear is also called bevel gear, bevel gear. For transmission between intersecting shafts. Compared with the cylindrical gear, it can change the transmission direction. Single stage ratio can be up to 6, maximum to 8.
1. The design, manufacture and installation of spur and helical bevel gears are simple, but the noise is large, and they are used for low-speed transmission (< 5m / s); the transmission power of spur bevel gears can reach 370kW, and the peripheral speed is 5m / s. The bevel gear transmission has the advantages of stable operation and high load-carrying capacity, but it is difficult to manufacture and less to use.
2. The spiral bevel gear has the characteristics of stable transmission, low noise and large bearing capacity, which is used in high-speed and heavy load situations. The transmission of the curved bevel gear is stable, the transmission power can reach 3700kw, and the peripheral speed can reach more than 40m / s.
The bevel gear is divided into straight bevel gear and spiral bevel gear.
Bevel gear is mainly used for the transmission with two shafts intersecting. The included angle between two shafts is usually 90 ° or less. Bevel gear is generally processed on special machine tools such as bevel gear planer. In the absence of special machine tools for bevel gear, bevel gear milling cutter can be used on the milling machine, which adopts forming cutter and indexing device to process on the milling machine. Because of the indexing error and the installation error of cutting tools, the gears with 9-10 grade accuracy can only be machined. In addition, there are many times of discontinuous tooth splitting in the process of machining, and the productivity is also low. It is only used for the gears with low machining accuracy in the single piece small batch production and repair work.

straight toothed bevel gear


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