Most popular very effective organic perfect lash care EYELASH growth liquid (62471714983)

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Product Overview


Best eyelash serum

Function of eyelash growth serum:


Most popular very effective organic perfect lash care EYELASH growth liquid


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Our Eyelash Enhancer serum is for increasing the growth including length, thickness and darkness of eyelashes.

Significant improvement can be seen 2 months after use.

Market approved eyelash growth in 7 days private label eyelash enhancer eyelash extension serum


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Product name


Eyelash growth serum/eyelash enhancer/eyelash growth liquid


Product form








Especially designed for people who has fragile eyelashes due to long-term 

use of mascara and fake eyelashes, this product could active root 

cell of eyelashes, wake up the eyelashes, add nutrition for your lash,

 help lashes become thicker and shinny, extend the life of eyelashes 

and prevent eyelash break off, make lashes more dense slender, 

which can effectively solve short, yellow, fragile and other common 




3ml,5ml,10ml or customized 

Place of origin









No scent


People available


All gender/Adult


Applicable symptoms


Thin eyelashes, short eyelashes, sparse dull eyelashes, fragile and easy

 to fall off.


Product advantages


1.Natural ingredients, mild moisturizing does not stimulate 

2.Work effectively 3.Quality product 

4. No preservatives used 

5.Strong brush especially designed for US and worldwide customer 

6.Manufactured in a   qualified factory 

7.No animal test used 

8.Package plastic sealed 

9.Brand new formula, could tackle common eyelash problem 

10.Fresh and natural, will not be caked

How to use


1. Carefully apply the product to the upper and lower eyelids



2. Apply a little growth fluid to the brush head and apply it to

 the tip along the base of the eyelashes.


3. once in the morning and evening



1. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes! If direct 

contact happens, rinse with clear water immediately.


2. Seek medical suggestion if allergy or irritation occurs.


3. Consult with doctor for any medical questions including 

but not limited to if you are pregnant or nursing, 

or being treated for any eye related disorder

Shelf life


3 years


How to store


This serum should be stored in dry and cool place, 

please avoid the direct sunlight and deviate from any 

high temperature, keep out of reach of children.


eyelash growth serum 1Features of Eternal Elinor eyelash growth serum:

-  7 day effective results (eyelash/eyebrow will gradually become darker and thicker, and 10-15 days later, even darker, thicker, longer and curlier)

-  30 day - charming volume eyelashes (eyebrows)

-  100% natural results, no harsh chemicals

-   Low cost

-    Approved

-   No side effects

-   New formula, even STRONGER effect


Dosage of eyelash growth serum:


Apply nightly directly to the skin of the upper eyelid margin at the base of the eyelashes using the accompanying applicators. Blot any excess solution beyond the eyelid margin.


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Eternal Elinor brand

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Lash growing effect

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Private label option


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Eternal Elinor serie


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Packaging & Shipping



1. Raw Materials for safe 
Contain Several Ntural Vegetal Essence ingredients,mild texture

2.Targeted Formular 
Especially for eyelash growth, increasing the growth including length, thickness and darkness of eyelashes.


3. On the market Reputation 
90% of the users said the eyelash have enhancer obviously after using.


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Company Information

Our factory-Elinor Fshion is cosmetics GMP, TAF(ISO/IEC 17025:1999 NO:1427 ), ISO 9001 and certified.We have own international lab and biotech RD & manufacture capability into medical, beauty, health, organic applications. 

We can do the customization for your private label in your price range. 

• Established in 2001.
• GMP certificate for cosmetics (2008)
• ISO9001 certified (2010)

• ISO22716  certificate

• T certificate 

• Product COA certificate & INCI certificate.




Contact details:

Miranda Lee

Whatsapp:  +86 18987487115

Email: miranda(at)

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