Precision Air Conditioning DataMate 3000 Single Cooling Indoor Calefaction Indoor Heating Humidifying Machine 12.5KW

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Product Overview


Product Description

DataMate3000 series air - cooled machine room special air conditioning
DataMate3000 series air - cooled special air conditioning can be used in small and medium computer room, equipment room and other places of precision environment regulation, the unit adopts advanced design theory
After strict testing by the professional laboratory of precision air conditioning, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, stability and long life, and has the function of constant temperature and humidity regulation
Energy saving product certification, can meet IT, power, transportation and other industries of precision environmental regulation needs.

Cooling capacity(KW)
Apparent cooling capacity (kW)
Standard condenser
subcooling condenser

product advantages
energy conservation
1. The design of large air volume and small enthalpy difference is suitable for the heat dissipation characteristics of the main equipment in the machine room, providing a continuous and stable temperature and humidity environment for the main equipment

2. High sensible heat ratio and high energy efficiency refrigeration system design, using Emerson Copeland scroll compressor

3, can set, unique economic operation mode, can choose the economic operation mode

4. The indoor and outdoor fan adopts non-polar full speed control to ensure healthier, more energy-saving and lower noise operation of the system

5. Energy saving card components are optional to achieve higher energy saving effect

6. Meet the new energy saving standards of China quality certification center

  • Range of application

 Small and medium computer room

Equipment room, power room

Outdoor electronic and communication equipment room

Substation, substation

Laboratory, testing room, storage room

Company Introduction


Q: what about the quality ?
A:100% original with new package. we will test each item before posted to make sure each item with good quality.
Q: how many months for guarantee ?
A: 12 months quality guarantee
Q: How to deal with any inferior -quality goods ?
A: Goods can be return back with our charge of post fee for any bad quality products within guarantee time.

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