Metal Sundries Storage Outdoor Shed Storage Custom Design Motorbike Storage Shed (62479296410)

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Product Overview


Metal Sundries Storage Outdoor Shed Storage Custom Design Motorbike Storage Shed

Major sheet metal polished tool storage cabinet fabricated equipment
AMADA Laser cutting machine
AMADA NCT punching machine
3 AMADA bending machines
TIG/MIG welding machines
Spot welding machines
Stamping machines
Oil hydraulic press
Riveting machine
Pipe cutting machine
Rolling machine
Linishing / Brushing machine
Powder coating line
High temperature drying oven

Laser Cutting
1. Usual materials use for polished tool storage cabinet fabrication
Stainless steel 304 / 316, cold/hot rolled steel, Galvanized steel(SGCC),
SECC, aluminum alloy 5052 / 6061, etc.
2. Applicable thickness for polished tool storage cabinet fabrication
Steel: less than 20mm
Stainless steel: less than 12mm
3. Details:
Equipment: 4000W AMADA FD-3015NT Laser Cutting Machine
Place of Origin: Japan
Cutting Dimension: 3000*1500mm
Feature: High precision, less burr

CNC Punching
Equipment: AMADA NCT Punching Machine
Place of Origin: Japan
Cutting Dimension: 2000*1200mm
Cutting thickness: Less than 3mm
Feature: Lower cost

CNC Bending
Equipment: AMADA Bending Machine
Quantity: 3
Place of Origin: Japan
Bending Dimension: 3000mm
Bending thickness: Less than 6mm
Small punching machines
Quantity: 8
Application: Riveting, countersink, clinching, drilling etc.
Oil Hydraulic Pressing Machine
Making simple patterns on flat metal plates or stamping.
Satin polishing (linishing) for flat metal plates such as stainless steel
and Aluminum.
Pipe cutting
Cutting all kinds of pipe ( round, square), rod, angle steel,SHS etc
in different angles and length.
Rolling metal sheet in different sizes & curves
TIG welding, MIG welding, spot welding, fulll welding etc.

Powder-coating and silk screening is handled in house, painting,
zinc-plating,nickel-plating, black or clear anodizing, plastic coating,
laser engraving or etching is outsourced.
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Company Profile
Bojun Precision Sheet Metal specialize in custom sheet metal fabrication for different kinds of materials with high precision
laser cutting, CNC punching, stamping, bending, machining, welding, powder coating and assembly service. As a factory with 5000
square meter workshop and 50 workers , we are able to save cost of labor and shorten production lead time, which enables us to
compete with others. "First class quality with competitive price is the source of business." is our motto.
Our services
In Bo Jun, you will find us as your own professional customized sheet metal fabrication
supplier who offers world-class service and client-orientated solutions.
Bo Jun provides sheet metal fabrication service in all walks of life besides metal fabrication parts.

All in all, here are our service list for your reference:
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Packaging & Shipping
About mobile steel storage tool cabinet packaging and shipping
We handle in a careful and economic way for ocean shipping, like paper box,pallet,or carton. Package size and
container loading quantity are calculated by engineers based on products size in order to work out a best solution.
Every piece is fixed by protective foam,plastic tape,batten etc. to protect products from shipping damage.

To conclude:

1. Custom plywood crate or box for heavy sheet metal parts.
2. Heavy duty carton for small and lighter metal parts.
3. Bubble bag or protective film for inner protection to avoid scratches.
4. Plywood pallet is available when sheet metal products are in large amount.
5. Shipping marks as per request.
* Q:Do you make customized products based on our design drawings?
* A:Yes, we are a professional metal fabrication factory with an experienced engineering team making custom products according to
clients’ drawings. We use Solidwork, AutoCad, ProEngineer softwares.

* Q: What is your MOQ?
* A: Usually we don’t set MOQ, but the more, the cheaper. Besides, we are happy to make prototype or sample for clients to ensure
quality standard.

* Q: How much is your sample fee? Is it refundable?
* A: Usually sample fee is three times of batch unit price and it will be returned during mass production.

* Q: How long is your lead time?
* A: It depends on the quantity and difficulty of products. Usually our turnover time is 20-30 days.

* Q: Do you handle powder coating and silk screening yourself?
* A: Yes, we are a professional sheet metal fabrication factory providing full set of manufacturing service including laser
cutting, NCT punching, bending, welding(TIG, CO2 arc welding), grinding, belt polishing, powder coating&paint coating, silk

* Q: Could you help us with warehousing?
* A: Sure, we have plenty of space in factory and we are glad to make full use of it by warehousing products for clients even for
one year.

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