Высокая точность оптическое видение видеоизмерительная машина малого размера

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Product Overview


Vision measurement machine is an instrument used for accurate physical dimension measuring, accuracy up to micron level. Vision measurement machine an optical measuring instrument using the camera to capture the image of the work piece, analyse the image pixel and calculate the 2D dimension with the measuring software.
● CNC vision measurement machine is a powerful dimension measuring device designed for mass production quality control process. It is configured with powerful software which makes the measuring process programmable, users can achieve big quantity products measuring by full automatic process.
PEAK series is an economical model of full automatic CNC vision developped by UNIMETRO. The simple and integrated design allow us to build the machine with lower cost, in the mean time keep the high measuring accuracy and best performance. Users are able to enjoy the advantage of high efficiency and labor cost saving from a full CNC vision measurement machine with very low price.
We carry the philosophy of simple and stable in the designing process of the PEAK series through to the end. We eliminate the unnecessary mechanical parts, integrate all the electronics inside the mechanical structure, optimize the wiring, to ensure the machine stability and easy maintainence.



◉ 3 axis 0.5um resolution linear scales
◉ High performance Auto focus function
◉ Aluminum work stage and hard anodizing
◉ Compatible with Renishaw touch probe(optional)
◉ 3 rings 8 section LED ring light software control and programmable
◉ Parallel light path LED contour light software control and programmable
Confocal Fiber Displacement Sensor(optional)
◉ HIWIN linear guide way
◉ Z axis motorized control
◉ Integrated core control box
Industrial grade CCD camera
◉ Manual pulsegenerator for Z axis movement control
◉ With Laser indicators for auxiliary positioning and focusing (optional)
◉ 0.7-4.5X manual dented zoom lens with magnification signal feedback sensor

Confocal Fiber Displacement Sensor Application; The PEAK series VMM is compatible with full line of Omron fiber measuring sensors, which offers; More possibility of precise measurement requirement.
Stable measurements of inclined or curved surfaces
Stable measurements of different materials types
Stable measurements of smooth or coarse surfaces

PEAK series VMM is compatible with Renishaw touch probe as optional configuration. Users can easily achieve 2D and 3D measuring function in one machine. The software can calculate the offset between the optical lens and touch probe, makes sure that all measuring results are within one coordinates system. The measuring results can be out put as 3D drawing for reverse engineering.


The UNIMETRO INSPECT3D software is with user friendly UI, easy to learn, powerful function, allows the users to achieve fast and precise measuring. The software is offering full English language UI, also allows new language development.

◉ Input CAD file and measure
◉ Parts array and macro measuring
◉ Auto focus and height measuring
◉ Navigating function helps fast locating
◉ Powerful geometric measuring function
◉ Multiple data reports and graphical data output function
◉ Flexible user program
◉ Creating reference elements
◉ Powerful edge detecting function
◉ Supporting multiple external accessories
◉ Auto calculation of the elements geometrical tolerance
◉ Measuring complicated production fast and conveniently


Measuring Range(mm)(X*Y*Z)
Industrial grade analog CCD camera and SV2000E video card
Manual dented zoom lens 0.7-4.5X / 0.7-4.5X manual zoom lens with signal feedback (Optional) / Auto zoom lens (Optional)
18-188X (Different combination of camera and lens leads to different magnification range
8.1-1.3mm (Different combination of camera and lens leads to different FOV range)
Working Distance
Linear scales resolution
Programmable 3 rings, 8 sections surface ring light, programmable parallel contour light


◉ 24 month warranty
30 minute quick response
Technician one-to-one service
Telephone hotline
Online video service
7 x 24-hour online customer service



Dongguan UNIMETRO Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
Dongguan UNIMETRO Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of metrology products with 9 years experience. We devote ourselves to developing, assembling, and sales of vision measurement machines, tools inspection machines, metrology accessories and special metrology fixtures. Also we are integrating the best metrology resources in the world and have built a mature supply chain for other metrology equipment and products. The UNIMETRO products have been sold to more than 20 countries and regions, and contribute our service and support to different customers in different industries such as mold, plastic injection, electronics, semi conductor, aviation and automotive. UNIMETRO has the leading advantage of outstanding R&D capability and detailed oriented production process. We have got more than 15 patents for our products and we will always keep the leading position of innovation in the metrology industry. Professional, sincere, responsibility, and honest are the key characters of the UNIMETRO people. And we are always expecting long term cooperation with you! UNIMETRO will always offer our best support and resources to our partners!


Q: Are you a factory or trading company ?
A: We are a factory and giving you the quickest reply in 24 hours.

Q: What's your company mainly in?
A: We are mainly produce Vision measuring machine,Coordinate measuring machine ,CMM&VMM fixturesetc.

Q: How to Choose the Appropriate Specification?
A: As long as you tell us variety and size of product to be measured, our professional team would advise you of measuring instrument of suitable specifications.

Q: Do you accept customized service?
A: Be sure! We can provide not only typical machines, but also the machines customized to customer's needs.

Q: What is your warranty period?
A: Our product warranty period is 2 year. Our product quality is very stable, and we have improved a lot on some breakable parts. You can rest assured of our product quality.

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