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Product Overview


HELIUM Series CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine
The bridge CMM adopts the most simplified design, and it is the most cost-effective one on the market. It is especially suitable for the testing requirements of precision machining products, such as electronic products, molds, household appliances, automobile small parts and aviation small parts.

Performance characteristics:
Working platform --- High quality granite platform:
Granite working platform is the overall support of the machine, and its quality affects the overall performance of the machine. The three shafts are all made of granite, which are made of granite. They are non stress, anti rust and anti-corrosion, easy to maintain, low coefficient of thermal expansion and small deformation affected by temperature. It can effectively reduce the vibration of the measuring machine and improve the performance of the whole machine.

Transmission system --- Friction type "self correction" transmission:
Friction transmission is used in all three-axis transmission, and "self correcting deviation" stable transmission system is adopted. The transmission system adopts the structure of "fixed + micro suspension" to ensure that the transmission is parallel to the guide rail! At the same time, it can maintain the stability of precision and the stability of motion. Moreover, it improves the self-protection of the machine tool in case of collision and is safer to use.

RENISHAW linear scale --- High precision grating ruler:
Grating ruler is an important part of coordinate system. Renishaw is the giant of three coordinate parts in the world. Its quality and after-sales service have the best reputation and guarantee in the market. All our machines use Renishaw high-precision grating ruler with resolution from 0.1 μ m to 20 nm.

Measuring Range(mm)


Technical parameter:
Helium series is specially designed for small and medium-sized products, moulds, electronic products industry and so on. The size can be selected according to customers' needs.Our design of small and medium-sized three-dimensional light, fast installation, no foundation.

Rational-DMIS Software
Rational - DMIS is a newly developed large-scale integrated 3D measurement software package. In addition to the development and design of studio software, which takes into account the requirements of beginners for easy learning and use of the software and the functional requirements of high-level users for the software, more importantly, it has become a model for CMM measurement software standardization.
Rational DMIS programs are designed with the full and native DMIS kernel until version 5.0 of DMIS, which is totally different from the so-called "support DMIS" (the kernel is not DMIS). As we all know, DMIS has become an ISO standard (ISO 22093:2003)

Coordinate Measuring Machine Probe System

MH20I Manual Head by RENISHAW
Indexing axis A:0°~90° Step distance:15°
Indexing axis B:±180° Step distance:15°
Spatial measurement orientation:168 times
Positional repeatability: 1.5um, Each axis is in steps of 15° with repeat positioning function.
PH20MT Motorized Probe Heads by RENISHAW
Repeatability of position: +0.5 μm
Positioning steps: Limitless
Rotating axis : 360°
Swing axis :0°- 115°
Total number of positions : Countless
Operational temperature : 10-40℃

Function: 5 direction ±X,±Y,Z;Trigger force(12g fixed)
One-way repeatability:0.75um
Pre-stroke variation:±1.5um
Probe:M3 series probe lengrh is up to 60mm
Cable:5 pin DIN inerface
The PH10T can be connected to any M8 threaded interface probe and extension rod (Maximum allowable lengthening to 300mm).

It is mainly used for the measurement of cabinets, frames, gears, cams, worm gears, worms, blades, curves, curved surfaces, machinery, automobile, aviation, military, furniture, tool prototypes, machines and other small and medium-sized parts, molds and other industries. It can also be used in electronics, hardware, plastics and other industries. It can accurately detect the size, shape and shape tolerance of workpieces, thus completing tasks such as part inspection, shape measurement and process control.

About Us
UNIMETRO helps you to build your own business! UNIMETRO is the professional manufacturer of metrology with over 10 years
experience. We offer high performance products with reasonable price. And professional cooperators from global market are always welcome to join us and UNIMETRO will always offer the best marketing and technical support.

10 Years Experience
UNIMETRO is the professional manufacturer of metrology with over 10 years experience. We focus on midium high level of metrology
products, offers complete high accuracy measuring solutions for customers.

Our Production Line
Except the instruments for accurate measuring as vision measurement machine, coordinates measurement machine and profile
projectors, Our production line are also including core components for optical metrology, such as VMM one basket controllers, lens, camera system, linear scales, VMM and CMM fixtures, illumination system etc...

Customer Service
We have specialists team in the metrology industry and capability of offering flexible measuring solutions to our customers and
dealers.Most of the Unimetro products are independent development, and our concept of design is stable and modularization, which
minimize the after sales service. This will help our partners to manage the products details and sales with minimize labor cost
and staff training cost.

Engineering Design
1.Latest Systems : Solidwords with FE analysis.
2.Auto CAD/CAM; Pore
3.Industry 3D print machines.
4.Fast Prototype from your Ideas.
5.Talented Engineering team Support within 24 hours feedback.

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