Radionuclide Detection Instrument Gamma Spectrometer Measurement Gamma Detector for Building Materials and Plates FYFS-2002K

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Product Overview


Product Paramenters

Measurable energy range
20KeV-10MeV(Generally recommended 20KeV-3MeV)
Energy resolution
Energy linearity
Peak drift < 1% in 24 hours
When the sum of specific activity of Ra, Th and K in the sample is greater than 37Bq/kg, the total uncertainty of measurement expansion of this instrument is no more than 10%(K = 2).

Product Description

Functional features 
Lead chamber:
1. The lead chamber adopts a new five layer split structure, and the detector adopts crystal thickening protection (lead equivalent thickness 160mm) (patented technology).
2. Background < 180cpm(i.e. 3cps)
3. The lead equivalent thickness is 100mm, the inner diameter is 220mm, and the outer diameter is 440mm.

Multichannel analyzer:
1. Rapid pulse shaping filter technology (patented technology)
2. 1024/2048/4096 channels can be selected through the software
3. USB/ serial port optional
4. Ultra-low power consumption, host power < 20

Automatic sampling system:
1. It has an automatic measurement mechanical system and electronic control system that can realize unattended . It can realize the cycle test process of automatic opening and closing of the lead chamber screen door, automatic sampling by the manipulator, automatic lofting, automatic sequence measurement by the instrument, and automatic sample output by the manipulator. The whole process does not need human intervention.
2. With infrared sensing and proximity sensing function, it can detect manipulator action and sample position, and handle unexpected situations intelligently.
3. It can continuously measure up to 40 samples, and can arbitrarily select the measurement time for a single sample of 0-200000 s.
4. Lead chamber and mechanical system integrated design, occupying no more than 2m2.

Analysis software:
1. Automatic low background multi-channel gamma spectrometer analysis software system and automatic injection control system software.
2. Chinese and English bilingual interface,with automatic spectrum acquisition and automatic peak seeking function,easy to operate with mouse.
3. Automatic calculation of radionuclide content and internal and external exposure index according to GB6566-2010 requirements.
4. Sampling method: fixed time sampling and fixed count sampling.
5. In the case of unknown sample activity, the fixed-count sampling can obtain sufficient spectral lines by setting the value of the capture meter.
6. Analysis of nuclides :Ra, Th, K, Rn(U, Cs, Co and other nuclides can be added according to the user's requirements).
7. Power off spectral line automatic preservation: the instrument can automatically save the current measurement spectral line when it encounters power off or other emergencies in the process of measurement.
8. Breakpoint continued acquisition: for the spectrum lines that have not been collected, the software can be transferred into the current spectrum line to continue the acquisition.
9. Alarm after completion of sampling: sound alarm will be prompted after completion of current sampling.
10. Continuous sampling and single sampling: switch between continuous sampling and single sampling. The number of spectral lines of continuous sampling can be set according to the needs.
11. Information detection before printing: before printing the report, it can check the spectral line information or modify the information filled in (the measurement result cannot be changed).
12. Advanced functions: support modification of spectral line filter length, modification of correction coefficient, and mixed calculation.
13. Support login user name, password modification, and spectral channel address conversion.
14. Support double-click the spectral line file to open the software and call in the current spectral line.

15. The results of spectral line calculation are automatically saved to ensure the uniqueness and traceability of the results.

Company Profile

About Us
Hubei Fangyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and software enterprise specialized in R & D ,production and sales of instruments and equipment. It has products more than 100 varieties in 5 categories includs radioactive testing instruments, indoor environmental testing instruments, food water quality testing instruments, ambient air quality monitoring instruments, fixed pollution source monitoring instruments .Many of the products have our own intellectual property rights, and at the same time, we also sell famous and excellent testing instruments and equipment at home and abroad.

Fangyuan has successively obtained more than 30 national invention patents, utility model patents and computer software copyright authorizations, and participated in drafting 6 national standards (regulations), 3 industry standards and several local verification regulations.

Exhibitions & Events
Fangyuan has a strong Develope Department and can develope many new instruments or technology, so we will hold 5~8 exhibitions in China or Foreign to show our results.


Product packaging

1. Fully packed with PE film;
2. Wooden box;
3. Machine is fastened to the corners of the containers;
4. If export to European countries, the wooden box will be fumigated;
5. Customized package is available.


1.Is your company a trading one or a factory?
Factory + trading comapny,engaged in production and operation for more than 20 years.

2.What are your terms of payment?
Generally, for small order T/T 100% advanced, we also accept T/T 40% advanced, the balance paid by T/T when the machine is ready.
For big order, we can accept 100% irrevocable L/C at sight.
We accept TT,L/C, Paypal. You can choose the one which is the most convenient orcost effective for you.

3.How long is the warranty period?
The quality assurance of the instrument shall be one year from the date of signing by both parties after the instrument
acceptance, with lifelong maintenance and free software upgrade.

4.How long is the probable delivery date?
Normally, delivery within 30 days.

5.Can you offer the technical support, online or site training or other?
We have well-experienced engineers, who can help you better use our products.

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