T5 4W 6W 8W T8 10W 15W 18W 30W 36W BL lamp insect killer fluorescent lamp for insect trap (62484585948)

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T5 4W 6W 8W T8 10W 15W 18W 30W 36W BL lamp insect killer fluorescent lamp for insect trap

T2 T4 T5 T6 T8 T9 T10 T12 BL BLB Fluorescent Lamps

T5 Black-light (BL) fluorescent lamps

UV BL T5T8 Fluorescent Lamp

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BL T5T8 Mosquito Fluorescent Lamp

T5 UVA fluorescent lamp 4w/ 6w/ 8w/13w

BL Mosquito Fluorescent Lamp

Insect killer fluorescent lamp

T5 4W/6W/8W insect killer lamp

T5 4w/6w/8w UV Mosquito Insect Killer Bluelight BL Lamps



1-use triphosphor fluorescent powder, good lighting effect, small color difference.CRI up to above 82, the illuminated object looks more true and eye will feel more comfortable.

2-Daylight, Coolwhite and warmwhite are optional for different requirements on color temperature.

3-Advanced water-powder coating technique, which increases efficiency of light and reduces light attenuation

4-Additional cathode protection ring at two ends of the tube prevents the tube end from black.

5-use triplewire filament to ensure sufficient electron powder and prolong service life.

6-special tube dia. of 16mm can be quickly start under low temperature

7-High lumen retaining rate and small light attenuation

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TypeABBCDiaQuantityCarton Size(cm)G.W.(kg)N.W.(kg)
max(mm)max(mm)min(mm)max(mm)max(mm)/Per carton


TypeWattCurrentVoltage(v)LuminousLife spanSocket


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