The sandblast suit with filter and thermostat Portable sandblasting machine ues protection suit

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 BOERAI® Sandblasting suit kits refers to the protective clothing worn at work. The style, structure and material selection of protective clothing are based on safety and protective function. On this basis, the rationality and comfort of appearance are considered to minimize the binding force of clothing on the human body, so as to improve work efficiency. The aerobic sandblasting suit kits /also called canvas sandblasting suit consists of helmet, jacket canvas sandblasting suit, air thermostat, and sandblasting pants.



Sandblasting suit ,Industrial rotective Helmet; Sandblasting clothing




Helmet style


Suitable for: large cutting, crushing, grinding, sand blasting, coating, chemical, cleaning and other harsh work environments.




BOERAI® Sandblasting suit Helmet  the air inlet is equipped with a muffler and an air groove to evenly distribute the air.     The helmet is equipped with damping adjustment and adjustable size, and the wide-view window glass can be easily replaced.     The neck is equipped with a flexible interface, which can be directly connected to the air filter to filter the Oil and water vapor suspended in the compressed air.     To dry the air that ends up in the helmet, thermostats regulate the temperature of the compressed air and keep the breathing temperature inside the helmet constant.     Let the operator have a very good breathing environment in the working state.

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1 xhelmet

1 x Grey Cloak

1 x breathing tube

2 x Ultra thin PVC block sand lens

1 x Thermostat


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