smart customized heating electric low pressure cervical vertebra neck hot warmth shiatsu massage pillow

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item  Mugwort low pressure pillow
package Size


material   Mugwort bag, magnetic disk, buckwheat shell


Power   5V2A

  heating  warm rapidly

Function  far infared


 Sample    Wthin  7 working days
Delivery time

  Wthin 10 working days


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Carbon fiber circuit: 

1.Rapid temperature rise
2.long service life
3.Safety, energy saving and environmental protection
4.high thermoelectric conversion efficiency
5.stable chemical properties (anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion)
6.Light weight,effectively reduce the weight of components
7.carbon fiber circuit temperature resistance, friction resistance

Far infared ray:
1. can improve blood circulation

Expand microvascular, promote blood circulation, strengthen metabolism of blood and cell tissue, promote blood circulation, reduce hypertension and improve hypotension symptoms

2. Far infrared can improve joint pain

The far-infrared deep penetration can reach the depth of muscle and joint, and eliminate the accumulated fatigue substances, lactic acid and other aging wastes to eliminate internal swelling and relieve pain

3. Far infrared can regulate autonomic nerve

The far infrared ray can adjust the autonomic nerve to keep in the best state, relieve the symptoms such as reduced immunity, headache, dizziness, insomnia, fatigue, cold limbs, etc

4. Far infrared ray can protect skin and beauty

5. Far infrared can improve the circulation system

6. Activate biomolecular activity

7. Enhance metabolism

8. Improve immune function

9. Anti inflammatory effect

10. Analgesic effect 

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Lead Time :within 15 working days

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Mugwort is made of mugwort leaves after repeated processing. It has the functions of temperature-meridian dispersing cold, activating blood circulation and clearing collaterals, temperature-meridian hemostatic and analgesic


Magnetic energy can promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation, eliminate free radicals in blood vessels, reduce blood viscosity, blood lipid, improve blood quality, promote inflammation regression, eliminate inflammation swelling and pain, and calm nerves

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