10000m3/h wet scrubber for the Bionomic Air Pollution Control

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Spray tower wet scrubber is mainly used to treat and purify the exhaust gas containing acid mist.
It works as follows:
The acid mist exhaust gas is introduced into the purification tower through the air duct, passes through the filler layer, and the exhaust gas and the sodium hydroxide absorption liquid undergo gas-liquid two-phase.
Full contact with the absorption and neutralization reaction. After the acid mist exhaust gas is purified, it is dewatered and defogged by a demister plate and discharged into the atmosphere by a fan. The absorption liquid is sprayed down on the top of the tower after being pressurized by a pump at the bottom of the tower, and finally returned to the bottom of the tower for recycling. The purified acid mist exhaust gas meets emission standards.

Structure of the spray tower:
The packing layer in the spray tower is used as a mass transfer device for the gas-liquid two-phase contact member. A packing support plate is installed at the bottom of the packing tower, and the packing is placed on the supporting plate in a random manner. A packing pressure plate is installed above the packing to prevent it from being blown by the updraft. The spray liquid from the spray tower sprays from the top of the tower to the filler through the liquid distributor, and flows down along the surface of the filler. The gas is sent in from the bottom of the tower, and after being distributed by the gas distribution device, it passes through the gap of the packing layer in a countercurrent flow with the liquid. On the packing surface, the two phases of gas and liquid are in close contact for mass transfer. When the liquid flows downward along the packing layer, a wall flow phenomenon sometimes occurs. The wall flow effect causes the gas and liquid phases to be unevenly distributed in the packing layer, thereby reducing the mass transfer efficiency. Therefore, the filling layer in the spray tower is divided into two sections, and a redistribution device is arranged in the middle to spray on the lower filling layer after redistribution.


1.Dust removal and desulfurization efficiency is high. When alkaline washing water is used, the desulfurization efficiency can reach 85%.
2. The equipment occupies less land and is easy to install;
3. Low water and power consumption indicators;
4. Corrosion resistance, no wear, and long service life;
5. Reliable equipment operation, simple and convenient maintenance.

Installation Instructions

1. Regulation of circulating water volume: It is determined by the spray tower water supply pump. When one boiler is running, one can be turned on. When two or three are running at the same time in winter, both water pumps are turned on, and the mud pump is at its flow rate. It should be adjusted according to the flow of the circulating pump to make them equal.
2. Dosing volume in the dosing tank in the spray tower: When operating a boiler, add 2 bags of alkali and 5 bags of slaked lime. If two or three units are operated in winter, the dose can be increased by a corresponding multiple.
3. The spray tower sedimentation tank should be cleaned frequently, once a week in summer and once every three days in winter.
4. When the gray water separator discharges sewage, it is discharged once per shift, and the sewage valve should be opened separately until clear water is discharged.
5. The above rotating parts should be frequently checked and filled with oil, and the faults should be eliminated in time to ensure the desulfurization effect of the spray tower.
6. Pay attention to safety when adding medicine on the stairs and down stairs, and have independent security and mutual security awareness.
7. After the work is completed, the sanitation should be cleaned up in time so that people can clear the site.


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