YATO YT 38901 ручные инструменты, торцевой ключ, набор инструментов для технического обслуживания инженера, комплексный набор торцевых ключей 1/4 дюйма, 1/2 дюйма, 122 шт. (62491334542)

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YT-38901SOCKET SET 1/4", 1/2" 122PCS122PCS; 1/2" & 1/4"; ALL SOCKETS: 6PT, MATERIAL: CRV 50BV30, 2 TONE WITH LATHE KNURLING, 1/2''DR. REGULAR, DIN 3121, AS- DRIVE, LENGTH: 38/42MM, 15PCS (YT-1205 - 12MM/ YT-1206 - 13MM/ YT-1207 - 14MM/ YT-1208 - 15MM/ YT-1209 - 16MM/ YT-1210 - 17MM/ YT-1211 - 18MM/ YT-1212 - 19MM/ YT-1213 - 20MM/ YT-1214 - 21MM/ YT-1215 - 22MM/ YT-1217 - 24MM/ YT-1218 - 27MM/ Y T-1219 - 30MM/ YT-1220 - 32MM), 1/4''DR. REGULAR, DIN 3121, AS-DRIVE, LENGTH: 25MM, 13PCS (YT-1401 - 4MM/ YT-1402 - 4.5M M/ YT-1403 - 5MM/ YT-1404 - 5.5MM/ YT-1405 - 6MM/ YT-1406 - 7MM/ YT-1407 - 8MM/ YT-1408 - 9MM/ YT-1409 - 10MM/ YT-1410 - 11MM/ YT-1411 - 12MM/ YT-1412 - 13MM/ 14MM); 1/2"DR. DEEP, DIN 3121, AS-DRIVE, LENGTH: 76MM, 6PCS (YT-1223 - 10MM/ YT-1 225 - 12MM/ YT-1226 - 13MM/ YT-1227 - 14MM/ YT-1230 - 17MM/ YT-1232 - 19MM), 1/4"DR. DEEP, DIN 3121, AS-DRIVE, LENGTH: 5 0MM, 6PCS (YT-1413 - 4MM/ YT-1415 - 5MM/ YT-1417 - 6MM/ YT-1418 - 7MM/ YT-1419 - 8MM/ YT-1420 - 9MM); STAR SOCKET 1/2''D R., 6PT, CRV 6150, 8PCS (E10, E12, E14, E16, E18, E20, E22, E24); EXTENSION BAR 1/2"DR., CRV 50BV30, LENGTH: 254MM (YT-1 248), 1/4''DR., CRV 50BV30, LENGTH: 152.4MM (YT-1432); THREE WAY JOINT 3/8"(F)X1/2"(M), CRV 50BV30, 3/8"(F)X1/4"(M), CRV 50BV30; UNIVERSAL JOINT 1/2"DR., CRV 50BV30 (YT-1252), 1/4"DR., CRV 50BV30 (YT-1437); SPARK PLUG SOCKET 1/2"DR., CRV 5 0BV30, LENGTH: 64MM, 16MM (YT-1253), 21MM (YT-1254); CURVED RATCHET HANDLE WITH TPR HANDLE 1/2"DR., LENGTH: 255MM, CRMO 440 (YT-0732), 1/4"DR., LENGTH: 155MM, CRMO 440 (YT-0730); SPINNER HANDLE 1/4"DR., LENGTH: 150MM, CRV 50BV30 (YT-1427); BIT ADAPTER 1/4"X1/4”, CRV 50BV30 (YT-1297); SCREWDRIVER BITS 1/4"DR., S2, LENGTH: 25MM, 10PCS (SL: YT-7800 - 3MM/ YT-78 01 - 4MM/ YT-7802 - 5MM/ YT-7804 - 6MM/; PH: YT-7806 - PH0/ YT-7807 - PH1/ YT-7808 - PH2/; PZ: PZ0/ YT-7810 - PZ1/ YT-78 11 - PZ2); BIT SOCKETS 1/4"DR., AISI S2/ CRV6150, LENGTH: 37MM, 22PCS (SL: YT-7679 - 4MM/ YT-7680 - 5.5MM/ YT-7681 - 6.5 MM/; PH: YT-7673 - PH1/ YT-7674 - PH2/ YT-7675 - PH3/; PZ: YT-7677 - PZ2/ YT-7678 - PZ3/; TORX: YT-7660 - T8/ YT-7661 - T10/ YT-7662 - T15/ YT-7663 - T20/ YT-7664 - T25/; TORX TAMPERPROOF: T10/ T15/ T20/ T25/ T40/; HEX: YT-7667 - 3MM/ YT-76 68 - 4MM/ YT-7669 - 5MM/ YT-7670 - 6MM); COMBINATION SPANNER DIN 3113, AS-DRIVE, CRV, 12PCS (YT-0337 - 8MM/ YT-0338 - 9M M/ YT-0339 - 10MM/ YT-0340 - 11MM/ YT-0341 - 12MM/ YT-0342 - 13MM/ YT-0343 - 14MM/ YT-0344 - 15MM/ YT-0345 - 16MM/ YT-03 46 - 17MM/ YT-0347 - 18MM/ YT-0348 - 19MM); SCREWDRIVER S2, 4PCS (SL: YT-25904 - 4.0X100MM/ YT-25912 - 6.0X150MM/; PH: Y T-25929 - PH2X100MM/ YT-25933 - PH3X150MM); COMBINATION PLIERS CARBON STEEL, DIN5746, LENGTH: 180MM (YT-2007); DIAGONAL SIDE CUTTING PLIERS CARBON STEEL, DIN5746, LENGTH: 160MM (YT-2036); LONG NOSE PLIERS CARBON STEEL, DIN5746, LENGTH: 160M M (YT-2016); WATER PUMP PLIERS CRV, LENGTH: 250MM (YT-2090); MACHINIST HAMMER CARBON STEEL, DIN1041, 300G (YT-4493); HE X KEY SET CRV 6150, 9PCS (2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10MM)






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Durability, perfection of workmanship, excellent materials, high quality steel are technical features of YATO products, whose offer concerns three areas: service, construction and garden. YATO hand and pneumatic tools are successfully used by specialists in many fields of the economy. Exceptional durability and durability predispose YATO to applications in intense industrial and service conditions.


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