Green Laser Pointer Rechargeable, Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer Green Presentation Remote PPT Clicker Lazer Pointer Pen (62497253043)

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Product Overview



Long Distance USB Green Laser Pointer for PPT Remote Control


Main Products



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Product Description


Main functions:


Bright green laser pointer, twice bright as red laser pointer


Power point file page and page down


Black screen and full screen when make a presentation


Long range remote control distance up to 100m


Advanced 2.4Ghz technology can make sure remote signal walk through barrier


Support hyperlinks


A confident presentation is a powerful presentation. Knorvay’s wireless presentation remotes and red laser pointers build confidence by giving you intuitive controls and thoughtful features that let you spend more time focused on what truly matters: your audience. With features like extended wireless range up to 100m, an intuitive 3 button presentation clicker design, you’ll have everything you need to control the room.












  Product description


It is a great tool for teachers, trainers, businessmen etc. to present the PPT file. With this wireless presenter, you can have complete control of PC without standing beside your PC.

With it, you can make a professional presentation every time.



1)Support PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi


The functions of page down and page up buttons can switch among Page Down/Up, Left/Right Arrow and Up/Down Arrow, by press the page down and page up buttons at the same time.


2)     Up to 100 meters wireless range


3)     Through UniCoding 6 technology, the transmitter can control 1 up to 6 USB receivers.


4)     Support hyperlinks function in PowerPoint


5) Provide great button-pressing experience by Silica Gel Button.


6) 2.4G RF frequency, which is an ISM free frequency and can be used world-wide


7)     Low power reminding function


The led will flash slowly when the power is low.


8)     Storable receiver for easy carrying.


The USB receiver can be stored into the wireless presenter


9) Page up, page down, full screen, black screen function


10)   On/off power switch


11) Auto stand by, deep sleeping


12) Safe laser: class 3R, red and green laser optional


  1. 360mAh Lithium battery, Micro USBport, can be recharged via PC or mobile phone easily.

  2. System volume+, Volume- function

  3. USB 3.0, plug and play





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