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CSCPOWER Supply all kinds of COLD ROOM
Blast freezer cold room photos
1 Cold Room Components

The complete set of cold room cold storage includes 4 main parts

1)Cold storage panels

2)Air cooler

3)Condensing unit


2 Cold Room Application:

It is widely used in food process factory, dairy factory, pharmaceutical factory, chemical factory, fruit and vegetable warehouse,
egg storage, hotel, supermarket, hospital, blood bank, troops and laboratory.

3 .cold room cold storage has the following features

1) Nice appearance :The insulation panel and framework are available in dozens of colors which are to be elected in satisfactory
harmony with various styles of buildings.

2) Insulation : Polyurethane or polystyrene with low thermal conductivity and high strength is utilized, achieving good insulation

3) Short construction period

4) Fast installation

5) Hygienic conditions of food inside cold stores are up to the standards.

6) Durable building structure, super quality material

7)Temperature:-20°C~-30°C or -10°C~-18°C or 8°C~-5°C8. Size: Customization

4.cold room cold storage advantage

1) good fire prevention performance and not melting when burning

2) wide temperature application range, small contractility even in low temp environment and non fragile.

3) nontoxic and inodorous, in accord with the state environmental protection requirements

cold room cold storage panels thickness usually made according to the room temp, and the sized can be customized.

5 .The table below shows the room temp and the panels thickness demand:

1) Vegetable, Fruit Storage Cooler (0-5'C)

2) Drinks, Beer Walk in Cooler (2-8'C)

3) Meat, Fish Storage Freezer (-18'C)

4) Medicine Storage Cooler (2-8'C)

5) Medicine Storage Freezer (-20'C)

6) Meat, Fish Blast Freezer (-35'C)
Details Images
Cold room panel
we supply 50mm,75mm,100mm,120mm,150mm,200mm.
Compreesor unit
we use Germany bitzer,Germany bock,USA copeland,etc. 
Air cooler
Other cold room parts
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1. what is your cold storage room used for, food, vegetable, meat, ice or others?
2. what is your required room temperature?
3. what is the cold storage room dimension, length, width, height ?
4.Do you need generator? we can also supply all kinds of generator, please click for more info.
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