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Paraffin wax is a kind of petroleum processing products, mineral wax and petroleum wax. It is a kind of flake or needle like crystal which is obtained from the crude oil distillation by solvent refining, solvent dewaxing or wax freezing crystallization and pressing dewaxing. It is used for making high-grade fatty acid, high-grade alcohol, match, candle, waterproof agent, ointment, electrical insulating material, etc


Fully refined paraffin wax

Fully refined paraffin wax is widely used, mainly for food, oral medicine and some products (such as wax paper, crayons, candles, carbon paper) components and packaging materials, baking container coating, used for fruit preservation, electrical components insulation, improve rubber anti-aging and flexibility.


Strength& Applications

Paraffin wax, as a kind of latent energy storage material, has the advantages of large latent heat of phase change, small volume change of solid-liquid phase change process, good thermal stability, no supercooling phenomenon and low price. With the development of aviation, aerospace, microelectronics and Optoelectronics Technology, it is often required that a large amount of heat dissipation generated by high-power components can only be dissipated in a limited heat dissipation area and a very short time, while the low melting point phase change materials can reach the melting point relatively quickly compared with the high melting point phase change materials, making full use of the latent heat to achieve temperature control, and the thermal response time is relatively short, which is due to many advantages of paraffin. Aerospace, microelectronics and other high-tech systems, as well as housing energy saving and other fields have been widely used





Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details
Packaging:50kgs (net weight) in iron drum, carton or plastic braided bag as may be required by customers. Special packing can be arranged at customer's request.

Port: China port

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Our Services

 1. Free samples available before confirming the order to avoid any problems.
 2. Goods delivered directly from the factory warehouse after well produced in a high quality and good            situation.
 3. Competitive price
 4. Prompt shipment,  usually within 10  working days after confirming the order.
 5. Testing equipment: SGS, UV, HPLC, GC, CIQ.
 6. Supply Ability:  2000 tons/month, large stock available;



Company Information

Our main products  are acidity regulators, preservatives,seasoning and flavous, sweeteners,thickness,

detergent chemicals, antioxidants,textiles,paint, feeding material and other chemical.such as citric acid, 

sodium benzoate, benzoic acid etc. Especially for citric acid, we have fought anti-dumping case which is  

in 2004, at that time,only one company in China to fight the case, we won the case and got the good 

reputation in Indian. We can also supply CIQ as customers' requests.




1. What's Your Payment Terms?

a: We Are Ok For t/t, l/c At Sight, l/c 90/120 Days, We Can Also Try Oa For Regular And Reliable Clients.


2. What's Your Delivery Time?

a: Usually We Will Arrange The Shipment In 7 -15 Days.


3. How About The Packing?

a: Usually We Provide The Packing As 25 Kg / Bag Or Carton. Of Course, If You Have Special Requirements On Them, We Will According To You.


4. How About The Validity Of The Products?

a: According To The Products You Ordered.


5.How To Confirm The Product Quality Before Placing Orders?   

a: You Can Get Free Samples From Us Or Take Our Sgs Report As Referene Or Arrange Sgs Before Loading.


6. What Is Loading Port?

a: Usually Is Tianjing ,Qingdao Or Wuhan.  


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