VVVF escalator

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Product Specification
Product name
High tech residential electric home residential escalator
1 set
30° ,35°
Traction Machine
XinDa high effective geared machine
Drive System
AC Geared Traction System
Tempered Glass /stainless Steel
Technical Support
Stainless steel,Aluminum
South east Asian,Europe and South American
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1. Are the elevator wire ropes durable?
The elevator wire rope has special provisions and requirements. Configuration is not only for wire rope and rated load, but also considered the size of the traction, as a result, the tensile strength of wire rope is greater than the weight of the lift. The safety factor is equipped with more than four wire rope. So it won’t break at the same time.

2.Is it dangerous for power failure suddenly during the elevator running?
If it occurs, the elevator will automatically stop due to the electrical and mechanical safety device. In case of power failure,elevator brakes will automatically taken. In addition, the power supply departments such as planned outage, prior notice are also operating.

3. Will us be hurt when it closed suddenly?
In the closing process, if people touch the hall door, the door of elevator will automatically restart without any danger. With anti clamping switch, once the gate touched, this switching action make the elevator unable to be closed and even reopened. In addition, closing force is also available here.

4.How the elevator running?
Elevators are operated with a counterweight wire rope through the (tractor) traction drive, making ups and downs on the guide rail.

5.Is the escalator installation complicated?
We believe the functions of an escalator are not necessarily proportional to the operation complexity. Therefore, escalators designed by us apply an integrated structure, so that the equipment is more precise and more efficient and allows easier and more convenient commissioning.

6. Do you have any cerifications?
Yes, we do with CE, KLA,CSA Certificates for u.
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