Industrial grade tripod 3d laser scanner industrial for CNC engraving machine G code metal casting plastic mold

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Product Overview


3d laser scanner industrial
INSCAN photographic three-dimensional scanner adopts non-contact illumination projection technology, avoiding contact with the surface of the object, and can measure the model of various materials. In the process of measurement, the measured object can be arbitrarily flipped and moved, the object can be measured from multiple perspectives, and the BROAD3D scanning software can be fully assembled to easily realize object 3. 60 high precision measurement. Moreover, it can acquire the three-dimensional data of the surface as well as the feature information of the surface quickly, and get the realistic shape of the object. It can be applied to the three-dimensional scanning of the industrial product manufacturing industry quickly.
INSCAN photographic three-dimensional scanner adheres to the concept of "software can handle, never let users handle", so as to
minimize the number of parameters set by users of the whole system. The running period of the scanning software will dynamically
calculate the required parameters in a more precise way, which not only avoids the unnecessary settings that the user participates
in manually, but also makes the whole system more adaptable, more automated and less likely to make human errors.
Binocular system and quadruple system
1.3 million pixels
3 million pixels
Light source 
White light LED
Blue light LED
Industrial Million-Class CCD Sensor
Point cloud spacing
Single scan speed
3 seconds
Scanning Principle
Optical Periphase Moving Triangulation Method
Scanning mode
Contactless Surgace Scanning
Scanning range
Stiching mode
Automatically splicing landmarks, feature splicing and non-sticking
Calibration system
EBT calibration system
Data transmission system
Special tripod
80-230V, 50/60 Hz: 110V or 220V for customers's choice
Output format
Windows10/7 6 bit
Working principle:
* Optical Peripheral Moving Triangulation Method
* Illumination Projection of Multi-grating LED Cold Light Source
* Get coordinate point data of the visible area of the lens
Technical characteristics:
* Scannable dark and black objects
* Automatic splicing of markers, scanning software can identify markers and matrix error control module efficiently and
* The splicing time is greatly shortened, and the measured object can be flipped and moved at will in the measurement process.
* The scanning speed is fast and the single scanning time is 3 seconds.
* Powerful point cloud follow-up processing functions, including noise removal, curvature-based point cloud thinning and smoothing
* Scanning depth of field up to 300 mm
* Rich data preservation format, can output ASC, PLY, STL and other general document formats
* Software interface is simple, easy to use, easy to operate, easy to use
* Client self-calibration
* Lightweight and portable equipment
1. Using advanced sub-pixel surface scanning method to meet the need of high quality point cloud scanning.
2. Fully automatic splicing method.
3. Minimum Dependence of System Accuracy on Hardware Equipment.
4. The system is simple to set up and easy to use.
5. Convenient point cloud operation process.
6. Users can define export file format, which is universal and customizable.
7. Operating interface is highly integrated, concise and easy to use, and system compatibility is strong.
3-D Scanning Software
(1) Scanner control module
(2) System Correction Module
(3) Scanning Reconstruction Module
(4) Automatic splicing module
(5) Three-dimensional display module
(6) Post-processing
Application Case of Blue Light Three-Dimensional Scanner
● Toy handboard ● Automotive industry ● Furniture Wood Carving ● Bicycle helmet ● Shoe last ● Shoe sole ● Dental Dentistry ● Articles for daily use
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