China Suppliers LCD Pen Type Digital Water Quality Test tds meter (62523389363)

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China Suppliers LCD Pen Type Digital Water Quality Test tds meter

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Drinking Water :The TDS for long-term stored water (purified water, mineral water, and bottled water) is high, viruses and the total number of bacterial colonies will increase accordingly. We can’t drink those water directly for which will affect our health;

Natural Water Each cities (areas) has different TDS due to the different pipelines and water sources; Hard water in the north contains calcium and magnesium ions, and the TDS is high, which will cause scale formation;

Swimming Pool  Detect before you go to swimming, The change in TDS numbers shows the cleanness of the pool water and be aware of the extreme high numbers;



Measure range


Battery type

2*1.5V Cells




Factory 342ppm NaCl Solution



Temp. Range




1.Data Freeze, read numbers after pull the meter out from the liquids.

2.Long Endurance with Small energy Consumption.

3.Big LCD Screen with water-resistance design.

4.Multifunction, measure temperature at the same time.

5.Temperature Compensation, change to the TDS in 25(77).



Water Quality Test Operations:

1.ON/OFF Remove the Protective Hood, and Push ON/OFF.

2.Insert the meter into the liquids below immersion line, and sway slight to remove the bubbles.

3.Press HOLD after reading is steady (about 10 seconds).

4.Flush the meter with purified water and put on the hood, in case to affect reading next time.

Temperature Operation:

1.Remove hood, it can used in solutions and in the air.

2.Press TEMP, the display will change the temperature between Centigrade and Fahrenheit, and press TEMP again, it will display TDS.


1.Water temperature, this TDS meter can’t be used for measuring High temperature liquids (i.e. boiling water).

2.Floating Water: This TDS meter can’t be used for measuring fast floating water.7.jpgTDS-3_13.jpgTDS-3_14.jpgTDS-3_15.jpg

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Q1.Is the water quality poor when the TDS is higher?

TDS is one of the reasons to define water quality, but for reverse osmosis filter, TDS can decide whether the purified water quality is good or not. Therefore, that’s why TSD meter is one of the necessary tools for purifier repairing.


Q2.Why TDS meter could not use for ultrafilter or prefilter?

Because the precision for those filters are lower than RO filters, and they can’t filter the hydronium in the water.


Q3.Is there any effects for temperature to the TDS meter?

Yes, TDS changes as temperature gets higher, therefore, choose water temperature first and then calibrate the TDS for testing.


Q4.Why the two pieces of TDS meter have the different TDS data?

There are many reasons may cause this difference: If the error is within 5%, is normal; but excesses 5%, please check whether the probe damaged or not; use glass cup rather than paper or plastic cup.

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