2020 hot sale CE approved full automatic mini brooder for chicks 12 chicken eggs

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HHD Hot sale automatic mini EW9-12 egg incubator with multi-function egg tray





Hatching baby chicks by hens is traditional method Because of its quantity limitation,people are intending to looking for machine can providing stable temperature,humidity,ventilation for better hatching purpose.That is why Incubator launched.Except maintaining traditional incubator features like automatic temperature control and egg turning function,new 12 eggs incubator iswith overheating protection device.

The multi-function egg tray withadjustable space is able to match various eggs. Heating circulatingsystem run from left to right thoroughly,realized omni-directional constant temperature. You may rest assured that this egg incubator isenvironmentally friendly and do not have any harm.

HHD,your first choice of incubators.We established in year 2010 with our motto"Reach the world,win the future". Now has expand market to more than 60countries, and never stop to provide best incubator for the world.



Specification of EW9-12 Incubator


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Hatching and Purchasing 



Hatching tips

1.How to use incubator at first time?

1. Test your incubator to see if it functions properly.
2.Connect the egg turner plug to the control plug inside the egg compartment.
3. Fill one or both water channels depending on local humidity levels.
4. Set the eggs with the pointy side down.
5. Close the lid and switch on the incubator.
6. Press the reset button (left green button) to reset and start the day counter from "0".(this will also rest the egg turning countdown back to 1:59)
7. Keep an eye on the humidity reading and fill the water channels when needed. (normally every 4 days)
8. At day 18 you should remove the tray with the turning mechanism and place the eggs on top of he bottom grid.
9. At the same time it is important to fill water channels to increase the humidity. (this is very important to ensure that the eggshells are soft enough for the chicks to break through.)
10. Don't open the lid frequently when the chicks start to hatch, you could fill water through kettle. If you do, the loss of humidity will cause the eggshells of the unhatched eggs to dry out and they won't able to break through the egg.

2.Pay more attention on incubator

1.Please turn off power every time before opening lid of machine 
2.Please add water everyone to two days; always maintain aproper humidity
3.The eggs for hatching must be fertilized eggs
4.Make sure incubator is set in a room where temperature doesnot change often (don't place near doors) 
5.Make sure to candle eggs within the first week to see which eggs have begun development
6.When opening lid off incubator do not let eggs sit as eggsbeing chilled by cold air can kill the chick inside the egg


Professional Production Process




HHD company





 Chicken egg incubator FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)



Q: Hi, Is there an egg turner with this automatic incubator for sale or do

eggs have to be turned by hand ?

A: No,The automatic incubator for sale is full automatic egg-turning and temperature/ humidity/ventilation control.


Q: Can your mini 48 egg incuabtor hatching other eggs except chicken eggs ?

A: Of course. Our automatic mini chicken incubator can incubate snake, turtle, parrot, quail eggs and etc.


Q: How long will your mini egg incubator work ? 

A: Life span is 8-10 years. 


Q:What should we do if there have problems during using ?

A: My dear friend , We have 12 months guarantee. Any egg incubator problems you have, pls feel free to contact us ! We will provide our best professional service for you. 



Praise of Customer




If you are interested in our 12 chicken egg incubator, please contact me freely and actively, we will definitely provide good service for you. 


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HHD Hot sale automatic mini EW9-12 egg incubator with multi-function egg tray


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