Home appliances smart controller PCB r&d and design smart mini oven control panel (62528666826)

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Product Overview


Product Name
Electric  oven control panel
FR4,FR1,CEM-3,CEM-1,Rogers,Aluminum,High Frequency Board,etc
1~22 Layer
Type of Assembly
SMT,Thru-hole, Whole Electronics Assembly
Types of Service
Turn-key,partial turn-key or consignment
Board Thickness
Copper Thickness
0.5-4oz, regular 1oz
Surface Finish
HAL,plated Ni/Au,Imm silver,Imm Ni/Au/Sn,hard gold,OSP,etc
Main service range
PCB design - Software development - PCB Assembly - Enclosure design - Mold-making - Plastic injection - Finish product assembly -function testing.
Flying Probe Test,X-ray Inspection AOI Test
Electric Oven Control Panel Function
1. Digital touch display,Intelligent control panel operation
2. Pre-heating function
3, overheating protection safety
4. Innovative dynamic airflow technology, uniform thermal conductivity, 360 degree high speed cycle
5. 12 preset menus, easy to operate
6. Programmable temperature control range is 40 ~ 320℃
7. Automatically shut down and prepare the signal after cooking
PCBA Flow Chart
Company Profile
elecontro™ was founded in 2002 and is a professional manufacturing solutions provider that delivers design, manufacturing, supply chain and product management services.
We expertise in R&D and manufacturing of Home Appliances intelligent Controllers and Industrial Control boards.Our goal in the field of home appliances is to become a powerful supplier of R & D and manufacturing of home appliance controllers. At present,the home appliance division is developing steadily and serving large international home appliance companies.
We have the advanced high-precision fully automated manufacturing equipments, established reliability test laboratory and failure analysis laboratory, and have comprehensive quality management system.

Production Line and Equipment
We are a one-stop manufacturer of electronic products processing, undertaking various field of electronic PCB and PCBA manufacturing.
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Q1:What service do you have?
elecontro™: We provide turnkey solution including PCB design, Software development, PCB Assembly, Enclosure design, Mold-making,Plastic injection, Finish product assembly and function testing.
Q2:What are the main products of your PCB/PCBA services?
elecontro™: Our PCB/PCBA services are mainly for the industries including Industrial control, Home appliances main boards, automotive electronics, Consumer electronics, Medical equipment, bank equipment, smart home etc.
Q3:Is elecontro™ a factory or trade company?
elecontro™: elecontro™ is a 18-year experienced professional contract manufacturer to provide one stop Turnkey PCB assembly and electronics manufacturing service.
Q4:Can we inspect quality during production?
elecontro™: Yes, we are open and transparent on each production process with nothing to hide. Customers are welcome to inspect our production process and check in house.
Q5:How can we ensure our information should not let third party to see our design?
elecontro™: We are willing to sign NDA effect by customer side local law and promising to keep customers data in high confidential level.
Q6:What files required to get quotation from you?
elecontro™: For OEM PCBA projects, please provide the Gerber data/files and indication of related technical requirements as well as any special requirement if you have; For ODM projects, please provide Function List, so our engineer team can work on it.
Q7:What is standard delivery term?
elecontro™: Delivery terms of EXW, FCA, FOB, DDU etc. are all available based on each quote.
Q8:How long does it take for PCBA quote?
elecontro™: Depend on project's complexity. Normally 1-2 week is enough for our engineers to evaluate.
Q9:Do you have any minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement?
elecontro™: No, we do not have MOQ requirement, we can support your projects starting from prototypes to mass productions.

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