500 microns HDPE Geomembrane Fish Farm Pond Membrane

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500 microns HDPE Geomembrane Fish Farm Pond Membrane
500 microns HDPE Geomembrane is the kind of geomembrane liner mainly for anti seepage lining system which is made from high density polyethylene raw material, adding color master batch, antioxidant, anti aging and UV resistance component,anti aging agent, antioxidant, ultraviolet absorbent, stabilizer as accessories, etc. What’ s more, its anti seepage and isolation performance are strong. All HDPE Geomembrane products are in accordance with GRI GM13 and ASTM Standard.

The thickness of the 500 microns HDPE Geomembrane for shrimp ponds used in the aquaculture is generally 0.5mm-1.0mm. The 500 microns HDPE Geomembrane has a good anti-seepage effect in the construction of the breeding base, which is convenient for feeding, easy to clean and can effectively increase the output. The HDPE geomembrane is widely promoted and applied for Shrimp and fish ponds as the anti seepage lining system. The 500 microns HDPE Geomembrane has the following features.
* Weldable – Tight joint, leakage risk free.
* High elastic – Easy to apply, supper fit for all kinds of structure.
* Anti-aging formula – Excellent UV resistance performance, no extra maintenance needed.
* Puncture Resisting – No additional protection procedure needed during installation, time & cost saving.
* ISO&CE authorized – Reliable quality, keep your project safe and sound.
* Excellent performance to high and low temperature (-40℃ ~ +80℃), UV resistant and anti-corrosion.

0.3mm  0.5mm 0.75mm 1.0mm 1.5mm
Roll Width
5.8m  6m 7m  8m  10m
Roll length
50m to 200m as your request
Packing & Delivery
Paper Core Pipe or PVC Core Pipe to Stable the rolls toughness.

0.0137 s.