Cast film metering pump gear pump

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                   Cast film metering pump gear pump


The Micro gear metering pump is composed of a pair of meshing gear.One of them is diving gear and the other is driven gear,The housing leaves a small gap, and when the gear rotates, the tooth is gradually disengaged from the meshing cavity.

The volume of the seal between the teeth increases, forming a partial vacuum, and the liquid is sucked into the suction chamber under the pressure difference,Every time the gear rotates, the volume of the liquid to be removed is constant, and the speed is controlled.Thereby calculating the flow of the Micro gear metering pump...






The micro gear metering pump with high accuracy,no pulsation;unique design,the  the flexible drive connection between the motor and the metering pump eliminates the influence of the alignment error between the motor and the metering pump on the measurement accuracy, and also prevents the motor from transmitting the vibration to the metering pump

  • High accuracy dosing and semi-automatic control 
  • More material for the more medium 
  • More sealing methods and good sealing performance
  • Wide measurable range, minimum displacement 0.05cc
  • High measurable medium viscosity, wide temperature range.




Cement grinding aidOxidant
Paper additivesInhibitor
DefoamerCoated oil
Ink / coatingColorant
EmulsifierStearic acid
Water glassAnimal fat
Spinning oilTriethanolamine
Flame retardantLeaven
Hydrogen peroxideHardener
PolyurethaneAcid solution
Chinese medicine extractNeutral solution
AB glueAlkaline solution
Textile dyesLaminating machine AB glue
Chemical additivesCoating machine adhesive
PolyurethaneHot melt adhesive
Dishwashing liquidEpoxy resin



Rotating speed: 10-200 r/min

Main material: tool steel,9Cr18MoV,stellite,Hastelloy...

Seal: Combined seal;Machinery Seal;Magnetic seal...

Pressure: 2-30Mpa

Medium viscosity: <1000 thousand cp

Temperature: normal temperature<200C,High temperature 450C

Accuracy: 0.3%

Matching motor: servo motor;Inverter motor;Stepper motor;Brushless Motor

The gear metering pump composed by bottom cove;gear;gear cavity plate,roof cove,seal cover,Axle...



 Displacement B Width(mm)A Height(mm)Pressure(Mpa) Rotating speed(r/min)
 0.05cc 36.94 65.94 0.1 15-50
  0.15cc 24 85 3 10-120
 0.3cc 28 85 3 10-150
 0.6cc 28 85 5 10-150
 1.2cc 32 90 5 10-150
 2.4cc 32 100 8 10-150
 3.2cc 47.6 103 8 10-200
 3.6cc 50 105 8 10-200
 4cc 38.2 120 8 10-200
 6cc 41.6 125 8 10-200
 9cc 46.4 130 8 10-200
 12cc 51.2 135 8 10-200
 15cc 56 140 8 10-200
 20cc 64 145 8 10-200
 25cc 72 150 8 10-200
 30cc 80 160 8 10-200

 Note:Direction of rotation: clockwise from the axis of rotation 


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ACCESSORY SELECTION                                                                                            


The micro gear metering pump should cooperate with accessory to work,different working conditions with different accessory.such as:PLC,servo motor,Reducer,Coupling,Frequency converter,Inverter motor...


 PLAN A(Without PLC)       

Frequency converter+inverter motor+coupling+gear metering pump


 PLAN B(With PLC)       

PLC+Servo motor+reducer+coupling+gear metering pump



pump details-1.jpg


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