Stock for ACS800 series ac motor drive ACS880-01-145A-3 75kw power inverter

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Product Description
Low voltage AC drives
Wall-mounted single drives ACS880-01
ACS880-01 drives have all the essential features built-in. These features include as standard a choke for harmonic filtering aswell as options like a brake chopper, EMC filter and communication protocol adapter, functional safety and I/O extension modules.The extensive range of options also includes external output filters and brake resistors. The ACS880-01 is also available with marine type approval from various key classification bodies.
Wall-mounted ACS880-01 drives
1. Power ratings: 0.55 to 250 kW
2. Enclosure classes: IP20 for cabinet mounting, IP21 (as standard)
for wall-mounting and IP55 for dusty and wet environments

Product Paramenters
UN=230V(range 208-240V) (0.55 to 75KW)

ACS880-01-04A6-2 0.75KW
ACS880-01-06A6-2 1.1KW
ACS880-01-07A5-2 1.5KW
ACS880-01-10A6-2 2.2KW
ACS880-01-16A8-2 4KW
ACS880-01-24A3-2 5.5KW
ACS880-01-031A-2 7.5KW
ACS880-01-046A-2 11KW
ACS880-01-061A-2 15KW
ACS880-01-075A-2 18.5KW
ACS880-01-087A-2 22KW
ACS880-01-115A-2 30KW
ACS880-01-145A-2 37KW
ACS880-01-170A-2 45KW
ACS880-01-206A-2 55KW
ACS880-01-274A-2 75KW

UN=400V(range 380-415V) (0.55 to 250KW)

ACS880-01-02A4-3 0.75KW
ACS880-01-03A3-3 1.1KW
ACS880-01-04A0-3 1.5KW
ACS880-01-05A6-3 2.2KW
ACS880-01-07A2-3 3KW
ACS880-01-09A4-3 4KW
ACS880-01-12A6-3 5.5KW
ACS880-01-017A-3 7.5KW
ACS880-01-025A-3 11KW
ACS880-01-032A-3 15KW
ACS880-01-038A-3 18.5KW
ACS880-01-045A-3 22KW
ACS880-01-061A-3 30KW
ACS880-01-072A-3 37KW
ACS880-01-087A-3 45KW
ACS880-01-105A-3 55KW
ACS880-01-145A-3 75KW
ACS880-01-169A-3 90KW
ACS880-01-206A-3 110KW
ACS880-01-246A-3 132KW
ACS880-01-293A-3 160KW
ACS880-01-363A-3 200KW
ACS880-01-430A-3 250KW

UN=500V(range 380-500V) (0.55 to 250KW)

ACS880-01-02A1-5 0.75KW
ACS880-01-03A0-5 1.1KW
ACS880-01-03A4-5 1.5KW
ACS880-01-04A8-5 2.2KW
ACS880-01-05A2-5 3KW
ACS880-01-07A6-5 4KW
ACS880-01-11A0-5 5.5KW
ACS880-01-014A-5 7.5KW
ACS880-01-021A-5 11KW
ACS880-01-027A-5 15KW
ACS880-01-034A-5 18.5KW
ACS880-01-040A-5 22KW
ACS880-01-052A-5 30KW
ACS880-01-065A-5 37KW
ACS880-01-077A-5 45KW
ACS880-01-096A-5 55KW
ACS880-01-124A-5 75KW
ACS880-01-156A-5 90KW
ACS880-01-180A-5 110KW
ACS880-01-240A-5 132KW
ACS880-01-260A-5 160KW
ACS880-01-361A-5 200KW
ACS880-01-414A-5 250KW

UN=690V(range 525-690V) (4to 250KW)

ACS880-01-07A4-7 5.5KW
ACS880-01-09A9-7 7.5KW
ACS880-01-14A3-7 11KW
ACS880-01-019A-7 15KW
ACS880-01-023A-7 18.5KW
ACS880-01-027A-7 22KW
ACS880-01-07A3-7 5.5KW
ACS880-01-09A8-7 7.5KW
ACS880-01-14A2-7 11KW
ACS880-01-018A-7 15KW
ACS880-01-022A-7 18.5KW
ACS880-01-026A-7 22KW
ACS880-01-035A-7 30KW
ACS880-01-042A-7 37KW
ACS880-01-049A-7 45KW
ACS880-01-061A-7 55KW
ACS880-01-084A-7 75KW
ACS880-01-098A-7 90KW
ACS880-01-119A-7 110KW
ACS880-01-142A-7 132KW
ACS880-01-174A-7 160KW
ACS880-01-210A-7 200KW
ACS880-01-271A-7 250KW

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