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2 stage motor


Vacuum cleaner motor is the heart of the vacuum cleaner .  Main types of the vacuum cleaner are: dry vacuum cleaner motor, wet and dry vacuum cleaner motor. Vacuum cleaner motor consists of two parts: part of the motor and fan, due to the vacuum cleaner motor speed requirements is very high, general in 20000-30000 turn per minute, so the motor is mainly used is the series excited motor, also known as series excited motor.
   The motor is also known as the "motor" the color line is an insulating layer
A machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. A large amount of electric energy produced by the generator can be used in the production process by using the electric motor. The structure and the generator are basically the same, but the principle is just the opposite, the motor is energized to the rotor coil to cause movement, and the generator is the use of the rotor in the magnetic field of motion generated current. In order to obtain a strong magnetic field, regardless of motor or generator, to use the electromagnet is appropriate.

    The stator excitation winding and armature (rotor) winding in series, can pass through the DC and AC motor with commutator reversing.

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1.vacuum motor with CE,CCC
2.central vacuum cleaner motor
3.best price and big power



PX-PR-YLc Technical Parameters



Tolerance Value

Rated voltage(V)



Rated frequency(Hz)



Rated input power(W)


+10% -10%

Max vacuum degree(KPa)


+5%   -5%

Max air flow(M3/min)



Temperature rise(K)









Class of insulation



Max efficiency





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 Four advantages of motorLong LifetimeRotationg Speed



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Suzhou PowerX Motors Co., Ltd is located in the well-known city--Suzhou. It lies in Suzhou econimic development zone.


Our company is established in 2002 which is specialized in manufacturing household appliances motor. Our leading products are for the electrical machinery of dust catcher and little electrical machinery of high speed. Annual production capacity is 4 million.


Our company manages according to ISO9001 series of standards strictly. Multiple products get authentication, such as CE, GS, UL, etc. We also have patent rights.Our company uses the domestic and advanced production equipment and most advanced automatic checkout equipment for every piece of motor.


Our company offers high-quality service to vast old and new customers wholeheartedly for the purpose of openning up diligently, sincere servie, innoviation are developed.





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