Mich 2000 Bulletproof Helmet (62557889179)

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Bullet Proof Helmets :

Our Bullet Proof Helmet / Ballistic Helmet are in NIJ IIIA, as per 0101.04 or 0101.06. We have 2 materials for the helmets: PE (same as Dyneema) and Aramid Kevlar / Twaron. 




Bullet Proof Helmet / Ballistic Helmet in NIJ Level IIIA
(NIJ Level IIIA, as per version 0101.04 or 0101.06)
 Models American Helmets - PASGT, MICH, MICH 2000 ; German Helmets – FRITZ.
 Sizes S / M / L
ColorsDesert, TAN, Olive Green, Navy Blue, Black, etc., or select fabric covers. 
 Weight below 1.50 kgs/pc
Protection Area0.13m2, 0.14 m2, 0.15 m2
 Material Available PE or Aramid Kevlar / Twaron
(Remark: sizes, shell colors, cover colors and protection area can be customized.)


Enhanced Ballistic Helmet in NIJ Level III

(NIJ Level III, as per version NIJ STD. 0108.01 and RP-002 M80 Ball)

Shot @ 320 meters and 150 meters.



A. Enhanced Ballistic Helmet


1. Ballistic and Fragments Performance:

NIJ Level III, as per version NIJ STD. 0108.01 and RP-002 M80 Ball;

Typical proof: AK47 MSC (7.62x39mm MSC), NATO M80 (7.62x51mm Ball);

The Level III specification requirement shall be based on the following testing procedure: Two (2) shots will be performed: one (1) in front and one (1) at the back using a 7.62 x 51 mm Ball NATO M80 or 7.62x39mm AK47MSC, at 320 & 150 meters distance.


2. Models: PASGT (M88), MICH 2000


3. Material of Helmet Shell:

The shell body is made of multi-layered Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and aramid fiber composited.


4. Shell weight: 2.0 kgs maximum (excluding internal harness system)


5. Finished Weight of Enhanced Ballistic Helmet: weight of internal harness system included

Shot at 320 meters – 2.0 kgs/pc;  Shot at 150 meters – 2.3 kgs/pc;


B. Ballistic Visor for Fitting with Enhanced Ballistic Helmet


1. Ballistic Visor: for SWAT and EOD use.


2. Protection Level: NIJ Level IIIA proof 9mm FMJ, .44 Magnum, and Bomb Fragments.


3. Material of Visor: Laminated Polycarbonate.


4. Thickness of Visor: 20-30mm.


5. Protection Area: 4.5 sq.dm. (minimum)


6. Weight of Visor: 2.0 kgs maximum.

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