StarCAM automatic nesting software for plasma CNC cutting machine

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Product Overview


StarCAM nesting software for plasma / flame CNC cutting machine




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STARCAM drawing kit software is composed of drawing module (StarCAM), nesting module (StarNEST) and numerical control code simulation module (StarPLOT) three modules, each module can run independently, but also call each other. Support a variety of CNC cutting control machine NC programming. among them:


L Graphic drawing, editing, zooming, copying, array, rotation and so on of drawing parts; support for editing and exporting CAD graphics files (eg, CAM, DXF, DWG, IGES) for other formats, Library management; and CAD graphics can be optimized. The machining code for the cutting path and NC machining can be generated for the part.


L The nesting module can be used to carry out bulk parts nesting on multi-part parts on rectangular plate or sheet material. It supports short-term continuous cutting, common edge and bridging technology to reduce the number of perforations, improve sheet utilization, high speed and high efficiency. Nesting, matrix nesting, interactive nesting and surplus material nesting, and can quickly generate a variety of CNC cutting equipment required for the NC code.


L The simulation module can simulate the NC code generated by the above two modules and can be run in single step, step by step, and NC code editing in the simulation process can be verified to verify the correctness and rationality of the NC code and improve the production efficiency. , And can estimate the processing costs.


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Application(used for CNC plasma/flame cutting machine)

portable plasma cutting machine snr-kb1530


table cutting machine (2)


cnc metal cutting machine

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