Unique and best cat litter cassava cat litter

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Product Overview


Products Description
Product Name
Super Cat Litter (Cassava Cat Litter, Tapioca Cat Litter)
Main Ingredient
Cassava starch, corn starch etc
Instant and Firm
Water Absorption
Super (1000%)
Odor control
Super odor elimination
This kind of cat litter is the fourth generation revolutionary new product independently developed and manufactured by our company. The unique and upgraded formula makes up the shortcomings of cat litters in the market.
Unique Products
(super cat litter)

Unique reticular structure - rapid agglomeration

The special structure of internal ultra-fine network expands the absorption area of urine, makes the urine quickly spread and absorb in the interior of cat litter, instantly locks the water and prevents the peculiar smell from emitting.

Unique sand sample particles tightly wrapped

It can tightly wrap the surface of excreta, absorb moisture and peculiar smell.

Unique molecular structure -- 
washable toilet

It is suitable for flushing and discarding the toilet, and will not settle in the pipeline to cause plugs. Agglomerates can also be discarded in garbage bags without peculiar smell.
Partial Taste Display
Product features:
1. It is made of 100% natural edible high-quality starch, which is environmentally friendly and biodegradable;
2. The crystal form of cat litter can prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, avoid the harm caused by pathogens, so as to protect the health of your beloved cat;
3. The unique micro reticular sand crystal structure, which expands the internal size, can absorb urine, and make the urine quickly spread and absorb;
4. The molecular structure of crystalline starch cat litter will immediately agglomerate, so as to absorb urine and lock the odor. When it is discarded in water, the agglomerate will dissolve quickly, and it can be washed completely without blocking the pipeline. Lumps can also be discarded in odorless trash bags.;
5. The dust-free formula and manufacturing technology can keep your house clean and tidy, and prevent damage to the cat's respiratory tract, urethra and eyes;
6. Light crystal sand particles, without edges and corners, make the claws feel soft and comfortable, fully respect your cat loving nature;
7. Safe and non-toxic, even if a small amount of licking, the cat is harmless to the cat's health;
8.Cat litter can be made in different colors and flavors according to customers' requirements.
Product packaging
Qingdao Huanda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture of all kinds of plant cat litter.we have the most complete production line with strict quality control system. Our mainly products are tofu cat litter, broken tofu cat litter, super cat litter, corn cat litter, wheat cat litter, disposable pet pads etc. Super cat litter is our new products which is the best cat
litter in the world market at the moment.

The company operates four high-speed advanced computer-controlled automatic production lines and established a very strict quality control system to ensure that we deliver top quality products to our valued customers. We were accredited the certification of ISO9000 and has passed the inspection of TARGET, SAFEWAY AND WAL-MART.The products are sold to the United States, Canada, Japan,
Korea,France,Taiwan and other countries and regions. The company has set up long-term cooperation relationships with our valued customers for our superior quality,competitive price and good service here in China. We not only have our own brand,but also supply OEM & ODM service. All the products will be produced according to buyer’s requests. Various colors and flavors can be customized.

The company would like to work together with our business partners with the principle of integrity, innovation, being quality-oriented for better future development.

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