Используйте ультразвуковой ионный скребок для кожи лица, удаление головы, горячая Распродажа, ультразвуковое ионное питание, скребок для кожи, устройство (62581983172)

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Black head removal home use facial ultrasonic ionic skin scrubber

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Feature & Function:
1. Remove the acne without pain: Cream the acne in the wool pore with water in a moment by supersonic vibration,and discharge in a moment.
2. Clean the smallpox: Supersonic vibration atomize the pure water,cream and discharge dirt, cosmetics etc. It can be improve the smallpox and skin problem in a short time.
3. Clean cuticle: With the help of water,supersonic vibration can cream the cuticle and clean in a moment.
4. Remove wrinkle: Sonic function can keep warm of the skin cell to remove wrinkle.
5. Remove melanin of the skin: Control Tyrosinase, decompose the melanin with the voltage,the melanin will be conducted out of skin cell. facial exfoliator machine


1.Clean the face and pat around the whole face with suitable astringent lotion until absorption by skin so as to provide the skin with thorough disinfection and optimal protection.

2.Apply toner on the skin,press ON/OFF switch,then the apparatus can be put into normal operation.

3.Make the shovel-type tip contacts skin to remove the atomized sebum out of the pores.By moving on the cleaning part slowly,you will find the blackhead,pimples and acne being resolved and removed instantly.

4.The operation must be used in coordination with skin care products(remover gel or toner) and the shovel-type tip shall be free of empty burning.It shall not be exceed 10 minutes in use each time.





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