Double Glazing Machine/Double Glass Production Line/Insulating Glass Ig Production Line

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Product Overview


Double Glazing Machine/Double Glass Production Line/Insulating Glass Ig Production Line 




Product Description


Usage: LBW2200PC Vertical Automatic Insulating Glass Gas Filling Inside Flat Press Multifunction Production Line is a high-efficiency insulating glass processing equipment. This line can achieve the Europe gas filling standard and satisfy all aspects of customers demands with advanced technology, high production efficiency and complete functions. It is a better mass production equipment to produce insulating glass with high automatic degree, high efficiency, easiness of operation and maintenance.

Structure and Function for Each Part

  This production line is composed of feed section, washing and drying section, transition and storage section, light inspection section and spacer bar location section, outside assembly section, inside flat press section, and storage section.

This line is controlled by PLC and realizes the automatic control and frequency control of the motor speed of the whole line. It adopts advanced assembly technique and solves the problems of uneven press and misplacement of the glass. The assembly section adopts limit switch and cylinder tank whose travel distance can be adjusted, making the operation easy and the location precise and the movement reliable.

  There are two operation methods in the control panel: ‘automatic and manualIf the separate operation of each section or maintenance is needed, the manual operation method is needed.

The structure and function of each section are as following.

1) The entire machine’s operation uses the man-machine contact surface (it has Chinese and English languages):

Operates direct viewing and convenient, the running status is dynamic demonstration, the frequency conversion velocity modulation; the maximum speed may amount to 45 meters/Minute.

2High production efficiency: The big glass can move at the full speed, the small glass is possible to stop in storage area, and stay at the storage area temporarily, also the clean glass may input continuously.

3Conserves energy interrupted type automatic operation system:

  Entire machine uses the energy conservation interrupted type automatic operation system, when glass movement to the photoelectric sensor of the end of the input conveyor, the brush, the water pump, the air blower will be start automatically, when the production is interrupted, the brush, the water pump, the air blower will automatically stop, the section of the equipment which was occupied moves in full speed, other parts which do not work are at the intelligence dormant state, so it is energy saving.

Secotion1: Feed Section:

Double Glazing Machine


The back board is high density board with film

  It is the first section of the line and its main function is to transmit the glass to the washing and drying section. The transmission is carried out by chains driven by the motor and the transmission speed is stable. It runs at the same speed of the washing and drying section and the speed can be changed by the inverter. It can avoid the back board bending and deformation, also can waterproof, avoid acid-base.

4) LOW-E glass automatic diagnosis system: it can easily know whether low-E glass putting is right or not. When is wrong, the alarm will raise the alarm, and worker can change it immediately. This system prevents the membrane of coating glass (especially the LOW-E glass) from being destroyed, the glass input conveyor station is loaded with the coating glass automatic diagnosis system, fully guaranteed the correct washing and covering of the coating glass.

Section2:Washing and Drying Section:


Brushes (high-temperature nylon wire) 


5) Washing part:This part has three pairs of brushes (the material is high -temperature nylon wire ) and a pair of sponge roller. The brushes are driven by three synchronous motors separately and the movement is stable. Three pairs of tubular rollers type of hair brushes, use High Temperature Resistant and soft nature hair brush, fully guaranteed the coating glass especially the LOW-E glass layer stratification can’t be destroyed.


5.1 Install 6 motors. from one motor with one pair brush to one motor one can last the usage life of the washing and drying section.

5.2 It adopts custom-made and imported nylon, front is three pairs of soft brushes(Φ0.07mm), back is three pairs of hard brushes(φ0.10mm),it last the brushes life.



6) Drying part: the air enters into the air knife from the top. The distance between the air knife and the glass should be adjusted according to the thickness of the glass in order to guarantee the drying effect. Air passage adopts the most advanced design and increase the drying speed and productivity.

    The dry section uses the high quality stainless steel, all of them are anti-corrosive material (including air knife, transfer gantry), the two air knives relative surfaces gradient can adjust basis on the glass thickness in the structure, the first wind knife automatic control and adjust the distance to the glass surface, it can be used to clean glass that of different thickness, fully consistently guaranteed the distance between the gusty and the glass surface, the inside of the air knife can be cleaned.

Section3: Transition and Storage Section:

 This section is used to transmit and store the glass to improve the work efficiency.


Section4. light inspection section and spacer bar location section

    This section is used to inspect the washing and drying quality of the glass. The lights are put perpendicularly with the glass and the back board is painted black. It is easy to check the washing and drying effect. When the back end of the glass passes the photoelectric switch, the transmission speed will increase automatically.

    When the glass is sensed by the photoelectric switch in this section, the transmission speed will slow down. The glass will slowly touch the side gauge bar and stops. It makes the location precise and avoids the crash of the glasses because of high speed transmission. The position to put spacer bar is located automatically by location paws and the spacer bar should be stick onto the glass manually.


Section5.Outside Assembly Section


 A line of optoelectronic switches for check the height of glass. It can calculate the need of gas volume, then it will automatic adjust the gas filling time.

7) These two wheels are controlled by Airtac cylinder, and they can easily push the glass tightly together.

8) The sensor can easily know the glass position and stop at right place when glass coming from the light and aluminum bar installation section.


Section 6.Inside Flat Press Section


When fill gas inside, it need to assemble inside. So this part has suckers. The gas filling holes are in the bottom, it divided into several groups. How many gas filling part working depend on the glass width.

10.1 In this section, the back board is steel plate with spraying plastic. Plate board is high density board with film, can be waterproofed, non-deformation, can bear beat.
10.2 Adopts imported high quality vacuum generator, it can keep pressure more than 0.8Mpa, and also can automatically adjust the suckers power, avoid glass falling down.

10.3 This section can be opened to check and maintain. There are lifting up device, avoid misplacement of two or three glass, especially for big glass. There are straight line guide rail, it can guarantee glass press parallel with high accuracy.

10.4 The air cushion is clean with specific filtering air cushion system, can avoid the second pollution when glass pressing. The air cushion valve can be controlled.

10.5 It has high accuracy and high gas filling efficiency when automatic filling argon gas into double glazing, triple glazing and stepped glazing. Its argon concentration can reach ≥90 percent within 3 seconds.


Section7. Transition and Storage Section:

 11) This section is used to transmit and store the glass to improve the work efficiency



Packaging & Shipping



plywood pallet and plastic film

Our Services



Installation: If the buyer needs, the seller will send one or two technicians (one is electrical engineer, one is mechanical engineer) to install the machines and help train the workers. 

Warranty time: Usually one year. It is negotiable.

Company Information



Jinan Weili Machine Co.,Ltd is in the service of construction glass and glass industries. It is mainly specialized in producing door-window of energy conservation insulated glass production line of curtain wall, and glass deep-processing equipment.

Based on the operating mode:”Professional, Meticulous, High, Top” ,our company has grown up to the leader of equipment line. It makes effort to create respected brand name by all glass industries.

Constantly making innovations, Capturing high technology, prompting the total level of industry, then to make Chinese mature and high technology insulating glass equipment for international, and accepted by international users. That is the Weili people working’s goal and responsibility.


 1.Question:Are you a manufacturer?
Yes,we are the professional insulating glass processing machines manufacturer, which has 16 years history since 2001.

2.Question: How about the service ?
1).Reply it at once in WhatsAPP,if by email,it will be reply within 12 hours.
2).18 hours for after-sale serive
4).more than 15 years experience in this kind machine field
5).fluent english ,communication barrier free. Point-to-point service help you solve the problems timely.

3.Question:What’s the guarantee ?
1). Our guarantee for 18 months.
2). 18 hours’ technical support by email, video or calling
3). English manual and video tutorial
4). 24 hours on line service each day, free professional technical support.

4. Q: Do you provide equipment operation training?

A: Yes. We can will send one or two professional technicians (one is electrical engineer, one is mechanical engineer) to install and adjust the machines and help train the workers.

5.Question:Why your price isn't the lowest price compared with others company or factories ?
1) We are a innovative enterprises, not only a produce factory. We have a a professional and experienced technical elite team. Every year we will apply for innovation patents for our insulating glass machine, likes auto gas filiing machine, auto loading machine and etc.
2)Compared with the same level brand, we have the same functions and components, but our price is the most competitive. At the same time, our after sales service is satisfactory. We have a good reputation in our customers. 

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