DYE XR 100L micro copper Alcohol distiller whiskey distillery home distilling equipment

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Product Overview


Still pot
Capacity 100L,ss made,single walled
4" copper made with 6 bubble plates
gin basket
SS304 made with  sieve basket inside
condenser column
SS304 made,tube and shell type
ABS made button panel,with 5KW electric heater
This distiller can make sure you get function of distilling whisky,brandy,gin and vodka etc.
Options for micro distiller
Copper pot with glass column
home distiller with helmet
all copper made micro distiller
Our advantages
Quality Quality is the soul of an enterprise. We can offer you competitive advantage products.With us,your money in safe and your business in safe. Delivery Time is gold for you and for us,so we have professional team work and production line and can make nice quality in short time. Certificate Our equipment is coming with certifications of PED and our company is TUV approved.We use CE approved components for Europe customers,and CSA or UL approved motor is available for North American customers otherwise required. We are ready to sign a contract with you in case you need to ensure our quality.
Installation plant
1 - When delivered by LCL (Less Container Loading), the tank will be covered by plastic film and cloth, then packed in Wooden case!
2 - When Loaded in Whole Container, the tank will be covered by plastic film, Lay down & fixed on a Iron frame, finally the whole tank will be fixed in the container !
How customers comment us

1/.Which is better and more productive – a Reflux Still or a Pot Still?

Both types of Still will remove the alcohol from a wash or mash, therefore the productivity is basically the same.

A Reflux Still refines the distillate to a high degree, producing a distillate of very high alcohol content with very little of
the 'character' of the wash or mash coming through. A Reflux Still is a must for producing neutral spirit or Vodka.

A Pot Still produces a distillate with much lower alcohol content but with a correspondingly increased level of the 'character'
coming through. This is important for distilleries producing Spirits such as Whisky, Tequila and Rum etc. where the character of
the base ingredients is required in the final product.

2/.Why do I need copper?

Copper provides an essential chemical reaction, especially at lower proofs, that removes sulfides while the alcohol is in vapor

Copper has the ability to react with many sulfide compounds, such as sulfides or mercaptans, which are normally present in
fermented mash, making them insoluble and removing them from the high wine vapor. As this chemical reaction proceeds within the
still, a bright copper surface becomes very dark in color. For continuation of effective scavenging, it is necessary periodically
to clean the still to remove these black deposits.

3/.How much copper is really needed?

a. Copper provides an essential chemical reaction, especially at lower proofs, that removes sulfides while the alcohol is in vapor

b. Our systems are designed to give you the needed amount of copper for any distilled product. We can always add more copper to
your system for a premium,if you require it.

4/.Do I need Permits?

a. Yes there are many permits required to start a new distillery depending on where you are located. Besides the federal
permitting with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), most states and local jurisdictions require permitting of some
sort. Please consult with an industry consultant or your legal counsel.

5/.Will someone from DYE train me on how to operate the equipment?

Because we specialize in equipment design and manufacturing, we recommend contacting a consultant regarding your particular
product line. While we offer general guidelines, a consultant will be able to offer a more specific set of instructions, often
tailored to the product(s) you plan on producing.

Any need,please feel free to contact me!

Whatsapp: 0086-17398082859
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