Mini Air Cooling Condenser China Industrial Refrigerator Waterjet Robot Cutter

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Robot refrigerators are widely used in various fields of the processing industry. The cooling system of the robot water cutting system is divided into air cooling and water cooling. During the process of compressing gas, the machine often generates a lot of heat due to the conversion of energy. However, they must be cooled and discharged in time, otherwise it will easily cause high temperature, cause failure, and fail to meet the gas quality requirements.

The water-cooling method means that there is a condensate conveying pipeline next to the gas transportation pipeline. In the reverse direction, the heat is transferred to it, which has the effect of cooling. It is a common one in the robot water cutting system. A cooling system.

The role of air cooling is not as obvious as the former. It uses cold air to enter the pipeline for transporting gas to reduce heat, but it can also be used as an auxiliary. No matter what kind of cooling system of the robot water cutting system is used, in order to ensure that the cooling system can work efficiently, it must be well maintained, because the cooling system is a very important part of the entire robot water cutting system

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JL-I50 Intensifier Pump

Security Protection System

Control System

Cutting Sample
Cooling System

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Company Introduction

Shenyang Win-Win Waterjet Co.,Ltd has been in water jet business for more than fifteen years. Our founders is an industry pioneers, a group of lovely engineers, like Edison, are fascinated by the breakthrough and progress of ultra-high pressure technology. So, Win-win have mastered more than ten core technologies and processes of ultra-high pressure.

In the process of questioning our company's ability and technical level, Win-win has become the largest and most reliable supplier of ultra-high pressure parts in China. In our own 2500 square meters standardized workshop, you can see automated production lines, standardized inspection process, 100% pre-sale testing, especially, the best R&D (research and development) design team. At present, Win-win is focus on the following three core and high-level undertakings:

1.Robot water cutting workstation.
2.Various brand components(World brand and Chinese brand).
3. AB five-axis, AC five-axis and portable water cutting equipment.

At the same time, we are also willing to accept customized parts and equipment.

We are not only a durable and high quality supplier of ultra-high pressure equipment and parts, but also a reliable partner of you in China. We will never be on the other side of the network. Our technical engineers will be there in time. We will be able to receive customer consultation 24 hours anywhere in the world, after-sales service, Our cooperation is not limited to water cutting. Through cooperation and mutual trust in the field of water cutting, we can share all aspects of life and work, such as tourism, food, children studying abroad, family medical assistance and so on.


Shenyang Win-Win Waterjet Co.,Ltd. is an industrial automation company specializing in the integrated design, installation,
maintenance and commissioning of 3D water jet cutting systems for robots. It specializes in the maintenance of high-pressure water jet pumps, the supply of water jet cutting equipment accessories, technical support and after-sales service.Through organizes experienced technicians and integrates pure water jet cutting equipment, which can be used for cutting automotive interior trim parts, ceilings, carpets, side doors, instrument panels and other interior trim parts.With reliable product quality and professional after-sales service, the company has won the trust and praise of customers.

After Sales Service

Our Main Business:
1.ABB/FANUC/MOTOMAN robot high pressure waterjet cutting system project design, production,installation, commissioning, customized safe, efficient and economical waterjet cutting system for users;
2.Robot, high pressure pump maintenance and troubleshooting on site;
3.Accessories supply, booster pump repair and maintenance;
4.According to the special requirements of individual users, upgrade the waterjet cutting system and high pressure pump on site;
5.Twenty four hours to provide customers with telephone technical support services;
6.Maintenance and troubleshooting of other models of robots and intensifier pumps.

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