Стальная установка с использованием промышленного пылесборника большого объема воздуха импульсного типа (62593020492)

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High Efficiency Industrial Bag Filter Dust Collector

Pulse bag filter is a single-machine bag filter. It adopts circular filter bag, self-contained air induction system and pulse spraying dust removal mode. It has the advantages of high dust removal efficiency, good dust removal effect, small operation resistance, long service life of filter bag, simple maintenance and stable operation.

Widely used in food, pharmaceutical, feed, metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical industry, power, light industry industries including dust gas purification and dust material recovery.

(1) no pre-dust equipment is required, and the soot with a concentration of up to 1000mg/m3 can be treated at one time. The emission is less than 50mg/m3. The process is simple.
(2) no blowpipe is needed in the bag room, and it is convenient to change the bag outside the machine;
(3) embedded elastic bag mouth with good sealing performance;
(4) the number of pulse valves is small, the strength of ash removal is large, and the action is rapid;
(5) the whole machine is controlled by computer automatically, and the parameters are easy to adjust, so that no work can be done.
(6) filter bag service life of more than two years;
(7) easy to realize isolation maintenance

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