95/15 95/20 95mm acsr aluminum conductor cable price list (62593473898)

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Price:RUB 7.44 - RUB 312.18
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Product Overview


Product Description

acsr din 9515


ACSR Conductor feature:
1. Conductor: Hard-Drawn 1350-H19 Aluminum Wires, Minimum Purity 99.45%, 2. Reinforcement: Galvanized Steel Wires (Zinc-Coated)
3. Standards: ASTM B232, 4. Best Seller: Turkey, Sparrow, Raven, Penguin, Waxwing, Dove, Rail, Pheasant, Martin
5. Construction (Aluminum/Steel): 6/1, 7/1, 8/1, 12/7, 16/19, 24/7, 26/7, 30/7, 30/19, 36/1, 45/7, 54/7, 54/19, 72/7, 76/19, 84/196. Cross-Sectional Area: 6~4/0 awg, 80~2312 mcm (80~211.3 mcm for Standard High-Strength Conductor), 7. Galvanization: Class A, B or C
8. Grease Corrosion Protection: Available upon Request


Company Information

huadong cable


Zhengzhou Huadong Cable Co.,Ltd is an import and export trade co,pany in Zhengzhou City, Henan province, China, which is a branch of  Henan Huadong Cable Group. Our factory occupied 50000 square meters, and specialize in overhead ABC cable, AAC, ACSR, AAAC, 0.6-35KV power cable, control cables, welding cables, rubber cables, mining cables. We can provide standard cables with GB, IEC, BS, ICEA, ASTM, DIN, VED and JIS srandards. What's more, We can design cables according to your requirement. Now you can send the inquiry, leave your email, then our sales manager will send you quotation as soon as possible.

Production Flow

product flow 1

Our factory has advanced equipment of 20 sets production lines and 25 sets testing machinas, The production capacity is more than 12 million kilometers. We have skillful staff over 20-year experience,before starting working, every worker need to be trained professionally. Therefore, we can promise the product will be 100% quantified.



In our factory, every roll wire need to be test strictly, We wil test resistance, insulation thickness, the tension, stretch and so on. Before packing, every cable need to be test quantified, and we can make promise the 100% quantified.





Packaging & Shipping

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When you identify the details, don't forget to choose the package and its color. In usually, customer usually choose wooden drum and you can choose paint blue color, yellow color or red color. If you don't like these package or color, we can customize for you, now, you can send us your wanted package and colors.

delivery 1


First of all, we will delivery on time. Especially in the busy season, we will word overtime to make sure delivery on time.

Secondary, about the loading, the cable will be protected well, all the needed measure will be adopted.

Thirdly, we have cooperated with profesional shipping agent and shipping company to keep you receive the intact on time.

Now you can send us the inquiry. 

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