Advanced Bio diesel oil pretreatment machine used cooking oil recycling plant for biodiesel oil filtration

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What oil this machine can purify? 

Ans: This machine can purify the used cooking oil from different places, the vegetable oil or biodiesel oil. 

What is the function of this mahcine? 

Ans: It dewaters, deodorize, and eliminate impurities highly effectively. According cooking oil nature, the used cooking oil includes high water, more acid matter, much impurity and offensive odor. This machine adopts Plate Pressure system can separate the sundry goods and water from the oil quickly and effectively. This machine use stainless steel filter element, it resists the acid in oil strongly. So, the used cooking oil was recycled by machine, it will become limpidity, and fresh quality. 

How does the machine remove the WATER, GAS & IMPURITY? 

Ans: The cooking oil purification system is made up of two parts, one is press filter, another is machine LY-R. 

1 Press Filter: It is mainly used to separate the impurities and water from the oil. 

2 Series LY-R which add a regeneration device is special for purifying all kinds of cooking oil such as the frying oil, and heat treatment oil and so on


Our products line are as following:

1. ZY series vacuum transformer oil purifier

2. ZYA series vacuum automatic transformer oil purifier

3. ZYB series vacuum transformer oil regeneration purifier

4. ZYD series double-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier

5. ZYD-I series ouble-stage transformer oil regeneration purifier

6. ZYD-M series trailer-mounted transformer oil purifier

7. TY series vacuum turbine oil purifier

8. TYA series vacuum lubricating oil purifier

9. TYB series coalescence-separation oil purifier

10. TYC series vacuum lubricating oil regeneration purifier

11. CYA series centrifugal oil purifier

12. LYE series waste engine oil recycling system

13. PL series plate and frame oil filter press

14. JL series portable oil purifier

15. BZ series transformer oil regeneration device

16. IIJ-II series transformer oil dielectric strength tester

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