Регулятор напряжения генератора GR540A / F540/VR741/35 201/YR TA18/VR 166/TVR 410

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alternator Voltage regulator GR540A / F540/VR741/35-201/YR-TA18/VR-166/TVR-410

GR540A, F540, VR741, 35-201, YR-TA18, VR-166, TVR-410


D9PZ10316-A, E2PZ-10316-A, F0AZ-10316-A,
F0PZ-10316-A,E4AZ-10316-B, GR-540 B-Circuit, 14.2 Vset


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2Color:Any partone or multi-colors can be customized.
3Size:Customized size
4Logo:Your Brand Prints
6Samples Time:

(1)3-5 days - if you want to customize your logo.

(2)1 day- For our existing samples for reference.

7OEM accepted:Yes.
8Certification available:Yes.
9Packing Details:N.w.: 2.5KGS-3 inch; 7KGS-4.5 inch.
10Production capacity:10000 per month
11 Pay time:


(2)We also can provide a month's statsment payment service.



High efficiency DC motors type MD serve to drive hydraulic pumps, automotive power winch and different other drives.

According to the different requirements of customers, our DC motors have been broadly used in the fork-lift, container van tail-board, van door system, jumping car, snow-sweeper, etc.

Motor’ type can be divided into 12V,24V voltage system.

Output power ranges from 0.5 KW-4.5 KW.

Outside diameter covers 3 inch, 4.5 inch ,5 inch.

Motors have different adaptor to match various of pump connectors.

Motors’ surface treatment can be chosen by customer, and we have the technique method such as zinc plated, chromium plated, powder coated with different color (e.g. black, red, grey) on heavy duty motors.


Our Services

  One year warranty




1DC motor for Pump
2DC motor for power unit
3DC motor for oil pump
4DC motor for Automation
5DC motor for Agricultural Machinery/Farm machinery
6DC motor for Lift
7DC motor for Dump Truck/Tipper/tip truck
8DC motor for Hydraulic
9DC motor for hospital bed/hospital cot
10DC motor for garbage truck/dustbin lorry/waste collection vehicle /refuse collection    vehicle
11 DC motor for liftgate/tail lift/Tailgate
12DC motor for Forklift truck/lift truck/fork truck/forklift
13DC motor for truck/Lorry
14DC motor for winter service vehicle/snow removal vehicle
15DC motor for Tractor
16DC motor for Oil Pressure
17DC motor for Mechanical equipment
18DC motor for Industrial Machinery
19DC motor for Lifting Equipment
20DC motor for Construction
21DC motor for Muck truck
22DC motor for Jack



alternator Voltage regulator GR540A / F540/VR741/35-201/YR-TA18/VR-166/TVR-410

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