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gravure printing roller used for printing plastic bags  H1f48ad14c532490fb448e22e1d186d2cJ.jpgH673d9985ca804a239a227a15cc4c60921.jpg 054.jpgH6436e4328f4246439904cf9855cd6fddI.jpg 


Involve plastic packaging products, cigarettes liquor packaging, plastics, calendars, decorative painting and other general-purpose and transfer printing wall wallpaper,floor leather, wood grain paper, leather, Anti-counterfeiting technology  and other special uses all fields gravure printing plate.



Material: steel tube as base material, plating a copper layer on the steel tube surface, engraving graphics on the copper layer, plating chrome layer outside as a durable and anticorrosive protective layer.


Use DTP(desktop publishing) system to complete color management of the printing graph. Use electronic engraving machine to carve the graph consecutively, the colors will be blended when printing, it better reappear the original draft.



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