Cryogenic oxygen generating and nitrogen generating air separation plant

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Price:$2,590,000.00 - $2,600,000.00
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Product Overview


Product Description

Liquid pump & Rectification column
Turbine expander & Purifier
        Pre-cooling machine & Air compressor

Project case
With the development and update of marketing needs, more and more customers look for new air separation plant with latest advanced technology. As an experienced professional manufacturer of cryogenic air separation unit who aims to be a gas industry technology leader and pioneer,for providing professional quality services to general customers, with long-term technical research and continuous innovation, combined with market demand, our equipment has been continuously optimized both in design and manufacture, which makes our equipment sell well all over the world.

Project in Nigeria Project in Zimbabwe

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Introduction for main machines

Air compressor is sprayed-oil screw compressor, box-body construction, it have low noise, whole machine gather gas, lubricate, water, electric, cooling and instrument to one, realize machine and electric become one body. Control system adopt PLC controller, touch-way panel may provide the supervision of all adjustment of parameter and critical running parameter, also have alternative Chinese and English liquid crystal display, have full protection function, may realize no-person operate.

Pre-cooling machine
It adopt full-close imported compressor, refrigeration agent will never leak out,high-efficiency steam-water separator and imported automatic drain water machine, ensure the outlet haven’t liquid water. Refrigeration component is
imported from Denmark Danfoos, the plant can run continuously all the year, it have long live. In the plant, equipped long-distance signal connecting point of air Inlet temperature, Long-distance signal of start and stop machine and running trouble signal, it is convenient for user’s interlock supervision. The unit is boxbody 
construction, on foundation installation, easy to construct.


The unit is composed of two vessels: one is on heating while the other being regenerated; ensure the air’s clear to cold box, length the running period of rectification column. Use of impurity nitrogen to heat for regenerated and also automatic control the heat temperature.

Turbine Expander
Turbine Expander is combine produced by our factory and Cryogenic Center of China Academy of Sciences, main machine is produced by China Academy of Sciences. It have abundant experience in Turbine theory’s design and make, its product adopt patent construction combined moving pressure and static pressure, so its ability to resist the turbine’s vortex is very strong, carrying capacity is big. It wines the advancement second and third Prize of Science and Technology by Academic of Sciences in 1995 and 1999. It have following advantages: Easy to installation, convenient to maintain, running stable, high efficiency, small cooling losing. Praxair Company has ordered many product of it.

Rectification Column
It adopt fin type heat exchange, made in aluminum, heighten heat exchange affection, depress the operating pressure, reduce the power consumption furthest, saving cost.
It is equipped with exclusive instrument control cabinet. The temperature, the flow rate, liquid level etc. can be displayed in the digital display instruments.
The special technology shortens the starting time to only 6 hours. The oxygen capacity and purity fulfill the relative requirements.

Product Presentation

KZON- Type Air Separation Plant is a cryogenic oxygen and nitrogen producing machine which can produce high purity Oxygen or high purity nitrogen in different working condition. One machine with two functions, while providing customers with high-quality gas products, it also saves costs for customers. Customers can adjust the production mode according to the actual gas market conditions to meet market demand.

Product Name

KZON- Type Air separation plant


20~10000 Nm3/h


O2:≥99.6% ;   N2:99.999%

Power parameter

380V/220V/50HZ (±5%)

Cooling method

Air cooling/Water cooling



In order to improve equipment performance and provide customers with better products, our company has established a research and development center. After continuous research and creation, combined with market demand, we have invented many devices to improve equipment performance. The following is a partial display of our invention patent certificate:

Patent certificate

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Company Introduction

Handan Dyon Air Separation Plant CO., LTD., founded in 2009, is a professional engaged in air separation plant, dissolved acetylene plant, chemical tail gas recycling equipment, food grade CO2 equipment, liquefied natural gas equipment, design, research and development, manufacture and after-sales service as one of technological innovation-oriented enterprises.
Company to the abundant technical force as the backing, during short few years, on the basis of Skid mounted air-cooled oxygen and nitrogen making plant, design and manufacture the domestic first set of 600 Nm3/ h oxygen with argon plant, the first set of 1000 Nm3/ h oxygen with argon plant; Made the domestic first set of 20000 tons/year of large coal bed methane gas liquefaction projects; Taken the lead in developing the domestic nylon acid fat waste water recycling project, to fill the domestic blank; Invented by cryogenic method to recycle hydrogen by-product during the manufacture of polysilicon cross-linked silicon and silicon tetrachloride technology; Invented by cryogenic method of acetyl chloride and hydrogen chloride in chloroacetic acid production exhaust gas recycling technology, and access to national patent grants.

Sales and service network


Q1: How should I choose the most suitable model?
A1: Please tell us your specific requirements and environmental data, so that we suggest the suitable product to you.
Such as:
1)Flow rate: ____ Nm3/h
2) O2 Purity: ____%
3) O2 Discharge pressure: ____Bar
4) Voltages and Frequency: _____V/PH/HZ
5) Your Local altitude:___m
Q2: What is the MOQ of this product?
A2: 1 set.
Q3: Can you make the equipment according to buyer’s request?
A3: Yes, OEM accepted.
Q4: How do you pack the product before delivery?
A4: We packed wooden cases which in accordance with the export standards.
Q5: Can you Please specifically describe your warranty terms?
A5: The period of warranty is 12 months(Except spare parts) since the completion day of installation and commissioning, or 18 months(Except spare parts) after leave factory, whichever comes earlier.

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