Промышленная и медицинская кислородная газовая установка для разделения воздуха (815059909)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product  principle

The raw material of oxygen plant is air, the product is high purity oxygen, not only can be used as industrial oxygen can also be used for medical oxygen. Oxygen plant in the process of work without any emissions, and the only consumables is electricity. Oxygen generator is mainly composed of seven parts: air compressor, Pre-cooler, purification system(Purifier), expander, Rectification column, liquid pump, oxygen filling station.

The process is as follows:

Clean air via air compressor compressed to 1.05 MPa, and then into the Pre-cooler cold to 5-10 ℃ or so, after the separation of water, into the purification system, adsorb the composition is contained in compressed air, such as acetylene, carbon dioxide and water. Clean and dry compressed air has entered the Rectification column heat exchanger, according to the three states of the material physical properties, separate the oxygen and nitrogen .After separation of the oxygen products by liquid oxygen pump compression pressure rise to the pressure of the user need, then pass through heat exchanger again, out of the coloumn, then through oxygen filling machine fill into the bottle or delivery to user site by pipe directly.


Design condition
Atmospheric pressure
Atmospheric temperature
Relative humidity

Main performance parameters
Oxygen output
Oxygen purity
Working pressure

Power supply

Main Features

2.1 Each unit machine is skid-mounted construction, connected by fixed-size short pipe. the whole set of plant with all pipes and valve together are delivered to the User’s site, the Users needn’t to buy any additional spare part by themselves, we ensure the plant’s perfect and integrate.\t

2.2 The User only need prepare well the workshop, keep the ground  level is ok.

2.3 Adopting liquid oxygen pump inner-compress technology, we can produce high-quality medical oxygen with purity range in 99.6-99.9%. The high quality oxygen products comply with the medical oxygen standard, widely used in medical and industrial area.

2.4 Small volume, covers an area of less, the complete set of plant only occupied 42M2(14m×3m).

2.5\tComplete set of plant is installed without foundation, it has following advantages: stable running, easy operation, convenient maintenance, without easy-damaged spare parts within two years.

2.6 To ensure all valves’ quality, we adopt the best-quality valve in Air separation Industry produced as the cold-valve in the Rectification column. We adopt stainless steel valve as the Purifier valve, and also install thermostability mat in the stainless steel valve to ensure that the valve is of little wear, no cooling leak, no gas leak, long life in the long-term running.

2.7 Advanced technology adopted in each unit can reduce power consumption greatly, and save electricity fee at the same time.

2.8 Complete set of plant could be transported by car easily to suburban and faraway district. That can satisfy customer’s oxygen requirements in time in different areas.

2.9 It only takes about 15-20 days for the installation and commissioning.

2.10 The pipes used in the Purifier, including the connecting pipes between Purifier to Rectification column are in the conditions of cold-heat changing alternately. The temperature changes range from 5℃~200℃. When temperature is low, condensing-water corrode pipe, while the temperature is high, the pipe oxidized seriously. To ensure the life of connecting pipe, and safety of plant, we have made heat insulation treatment on all the pipes.

2.11 To ensure the safe running of the plant, we equip four-stage pipe oil-filter to ensure that no oil can enter purifier and rectification column. The pressure-difference meter in the four-stage pipe can also show the oil quantity to inform us to change the filter core, ensure the safety of follow-up plant. All filters are equipped with pressure-difference meter, we can judge the degreasing effect and the best time to change filter core, in this way we can prevent oil entering system after the filter core lose efficacy.

Detailed Images

Machine Parts

Name: Air compressor

Brand: AE

Original: Germany 

The screw-type compressor is of a cabinet structure, the host machine is imported from Germany. It adopts PLC intelligent controller, the touch board display all the adjusting and key operation parameters.

Main Features

Name: Pre-cooler 
Brand: SAYL 
Original: China
The plant is of a sealing frame structure.Non-base installation, steady performance,Simple operation, low power consumption, Easy maintenance, continuous working, no pollution.

Machine Parts

Name: Purifier 
Brand: DYON
Original: China
To make sure the quality of the valves, the purifier adopts complete stainless interior thermo stability gasket valves, that makes all the valves wear less, insulate cool, and tighten air, service longer. The absorption container adopts turn-back flow double inner tank absorption structure, makes the absorption route double, then it makes the inlet air become more clean, the fractionate tower can work long hours.

The waste nitrogen enters the heater, warm up and regenerate. Auto-control heating temperature.

Main Features

Name: Rectification column
Brand: DYON
Original: China 
Rectification column adopt aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger. It is equipped with exclusive instrument control cabinet. The temperature, the flow rate, liquid level etc. can be displayed in the digital display instruments.

Packing & Delivery

Actual size
Actual weight

Packaging Details
The normal package is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.

40" container

Loading Details
Total plant need two 40" container

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