30kgs/roll, chopped strand mat fabric

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Product Overview


30kgs/roll, chopped strand mat fabric


Product Introduction


Fiberglass chopped strand mat is a non-woven E- or C-fiberglass mat,product manufactured by spreading continuous filament roving of 50mm in length randomly in combination with polyester binder in powder form(or other binder in emulsion form).



Characteristic and application


This product is characterized by good combination of resin, easy operation, good wet strength retention, good laminate transparency and low cost. It is suitable for the applications of hand lay-up FRP moldings. Such as:various sheets and panels, boat hulls, bath tubs, corrosion resistant, vehicles etc.



Product Features:


1.Fibers and binder distributed equally, non-hairiness, stains and other defects debris;


2.Resin saturated fast, good review mode, easy to eliminate air bubbles


3.Products with higher mechanical strength, wet strength retention of the high rate of dry;


4.High tensile strength, reducing the occurrence of tearing production;


5.Laminates smooth surface, good light transmission;


6.Uniform thickness, no defects such as stains debris;


7.Moderate hardness, easy to completely saturated, less bubble products quickly saturated;


8.Speed ,good technology and good erosion-resistant fiber


9.The mechanical properties with good filling and review mode, and applicable to the products of complex shape forming;


10.Good mechanical capability.







Normal types

180g/m2. 225g/m2. 300g/m2 450g/m2. 600m2

Yarn type

 E glass and C glass

Binder type

emulsion and powder binder

Bond Content

100g/m2 (10%-15%). 300g/m2.450g/m2.600g/m2 (4%-6%)

Roll Width


Normal types


Roll weight


Normal types



Product Function:


1)Fiberglass chopped strand mat is chopped using the “E” chopped glass and emulsion adhesive bond.


2)It is suitable for hand lay and can enhance the unsaturated polyester resins.





Product is manufacture in form of a roll wrap on a paper tube then after packed in a plastic bag and placed with in a cardboard carton. Rolls can be loaded in a container directly or on pallets.
Quantity(Chopped Strand Mat):
              20' GP Container: About 10000kgs
              40' HC Container: About 23100kgs





Chopped Strand Mat should be stored in dry, cool, clean and rainproof area. Recommended temperature range of storage is between 15-30 and relative humidity between 40%-70%.






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