BL 2008AH professional electric power saver

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High-Efficient 45kw Single Phase electric power saver


Saving electricity means saving money,saving momey means earning money!!


- Load Limit: 45,000W 
- Rated Voltage: 110 - 400 VAC, 50HZ / 60 HZ
- 90Amps
- Working Temperature: -15 degree to 60 degrees Celcius
- Humidity: <85%
- Use one Intelliworks Power Saver for every 15,000 watts and single phases.



How to work:



The role of the power factor saver is to reduce and to stabilize the electricity used: a smart technology optimizes the voltage and the current according to the need in order to reduce the power used (KWH) according to the demand.The power factor saver stores the surplus of electricity during the peaks and delivers it for use according to the requirement. Thus by limiting the unused losses,the quantity of electricity supplied and billed for your installation is decreased!




The power factor saver allows you to make significant savings on your electricity bill without ou changing your usage habits! It acts also as a tension stabilizer by storing more than 10 seconds of enrygy and delivers thus a charge with a constant voltage even during a temporary peak.Thanks to this regulation of the lifetime of your electrical equipments is improved.Being just a technical and electrical optimization of your electrical installation,the power factor saver is fully legal.



BL-2008AH single phase power saver for home






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BL-2008B power saver for home

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BL-2008A power saver for home


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