500KV Overhead Aluminum Conductor Steel Core Bare ACSR Drake Conductor (955207951)

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Product Overview


Overhead Aluminum Conductor Steel Core Bare ACSR Drake Conductor




Application of acsr drake conductor



ACSR Conductor (aluminum conductor steel reinforced) is used as bare overhead transmission conductor and as primary and secondary distribution conductor and messenger support. ACSR offers optimal strength for line design. Variable steel core stranding enables desired strength to be achieved without sacrificing ampacity. 


Construction of acsr drake conductor



ACSR conductor meets or exceeds the following ASTM specifications



1.B230 Aluminum 1350-H19 Wire for Electrical Purposes.


2.B232 Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminum Conductors, Coated-Steel Reinforced (ACSR).


3.B498 Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) Steel Core Wire for Use in Overhead Electrical Conductors.


4.B500 Metallic Coated Stranded Steel Core for Use in Overhead Electrical Conductors.  


5.Class A core stranding is also available in zinc-5% aluminum-mischmetal alloy coating.


6.For aluminum-clad (AW) ACSR, please refer to the ACSR/AW catalog sheet


7.Additional corrosion protection is available through the application of grease to the core or infusion of the complete cable with grease.


8.ACSR conductor is also available in non-specular.


Technical Specification for acsr drake conductor


ACSR Drake Conductor meets the following ASTM B232 Standard



Conductor ACSR
Standard ASTM B232
Code name Drake
Cross sectionmm2Al:402.6
Steel: 65.44
Total: 468
Stranding&Wire DiameterNo./mmAl: 26/4.44
Steel: 7/3.45
Overall diametermm28.11
Approx. weightKg/km1627






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