Задняя ось шоссейного велосипеда M12 X 1,5 31g из алюминиевого сплава

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M12 X 1.5 31g Aluminum Alloy Road Bike rear axle

Treatments:Polished, Anodizing
Size:(Thread):M12 X 1.5m
Application:Road Bike
Product Categories

750CategoriesWheel_NutsOil CapsCam GearConnecting RodLifterShock_AbsorbersFiring_PinCylinderPistonBicycle_Hub




Our in-house Capabilities Includes

  • CNC Milling
  • Vertical and horizontal machining centers
  • Pallet change
  • 5 axis capability
  • Tolerances to 0.001"
  • Max size 1000 x 1500mm
  • CNC Turning
  • Conventional CNC lathes, chuck or bar fed
  • Live tooling with C and Y axes
  • Sliding head machines for higher volume production
  • Tolerances to 0.0005" (.012mm)
  • Max chuck diameter 10" (250mm)






Our More Facilities

  • Vertical Milling Machines NVX 5100 II
  • 1200 Ton Forging Hydraulic Press
  • 400 Ton Triaxial Forging Hydraulic Press
  • CNC lathe 600
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine; CMM
  • CAD/CAM Software
  • Profile Projector
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Company Info


About Us
KK TECH INC. Taiwan has been specializing custom CNC machine components for over 25 years, supplying high quality and high-performance CNC machine components and assemblies. Our manufacturing ranges from large CNC machine parts to dedicated ones such as auto parts, bicycle parts, pneumatic tools.





Q1: What's your main products and market?
A1-1: We are specializing custom CNC Milling, CNC Turning. With our experienced teams and advanced facilities enable us to produce custom production parts according a client's demand. Our mainly product ranges are from Racing Auto Parts (ex.: Connecting Rod, Wheel Nuts, Oil Cap, Camshafts…), Bicycle (ex.: Hub, Bike Tools), Pneumatic Tools (ex.: Piston, Cylinder, Firing Pin) and Bone Plate for Trauma Treatment.

Our products have been sold to worldwide such as USA, EU, Middle East, Japan, China and other countries.
Q2. What is the minimum order quantity and packing?
A2-1: MOQ is subject to products' manufacturing process. However, a client may choose our standing parts with low MOQ.

We provide alternative packing method for which products could packed by our standard packing method or packed as a client's requested.
Q3 : What is your payment method?
A3 : We offer T/T payment
Q4 : What is order lead time?
A4 : An order lead time is about 15-30 days after receiving deposit of down payment of an order.
Q5 : What material can you make?
A5 : Metal, Non-Metal, Plastic and so on
Q6 : What file can you accept?
A6 : PDF, JPG, DWG, IGES, STEP and so on
Q7 : What is the delivery time for the sample?
A7 : Sample is subject to the availability of sample, usually it is 5 to 25 days.
Q8 : Do you have machining center?
A8 : Yes, we have 3-axis milling, 4-axis milling and 5-axis milling
Q9 : What surface finish can you make?
A9 : Nickel plating, zinc plating, stoving varnish, anodic treatment and so on.

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