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Products Description

-Deluxe microfiber Car Bubble Wash PAD
: Premium wash pad that is softer and has better texture by adding viscose yarn and sponge

▶ Specification :

Product Name
Inside material
High Density 4cm Sponge
Korean Microfiber(93% Polyester and 7% Viscose Rayon)
Pile Height
Over 20mm
Purple, Black, etc. (any color available)
Logo Printing
Available removable Brand tag
South Korea
Recommended individual packaging methods : zipper bag with brand stickers

▶ Features :
ㆍSince viscose rayon yarn is added to the high-quality Korean microfiber fabric, it can effectively remove stains and ingrained dirt from the car body without creating scratches.
ㆍIt can generate more rich foam thanks to long piles of 20mm or more.
ㆍSpecial sponges inside this product are designed to maintain existing forms, even if time has passed, and prevent the product from being twisted.
ㆍIt has soft and durable sponge and further improves texture and durability.
ㆍIt is easy to use and manage, so both beginners and experts can easily remove stains.
ㆍYou can easily remove contaminants and fine dust from the vehicle without scratches.
ㆍ It is the most optimized high-quality wash pad for foam car wash.
ㆍ Sponge is built into the inside of the pad, so you can keep the rich foam longer.
ㆍ We improved the texture of pad by adding thicker volume.
ㆍYou can use it for all vehicle types, from small cars to large trucks.
ㆍThanks to the high-quality Korean-made microfiber yarn, it can prevent problems such as water stains, scratches, lint, and odor.
ㆍIt absorbs more liquid than existing products, so you don’t have to use shampoo multiple times during your car wash.

▶ Customized Order Fulfillment Service :
We can work with various domestic experts to help you create the product you want.
So In addition to the examples listed, please feel free to contact us if there is anything else you want.
(Contact us separately to inquire about additional charges)

You can choose the colors of the fabric and edge, so you can design the product according to the design you want. We recommend you to tell us the Pantone color code for the exact dye you want.

You can order your product according to the weight and gsm you want. Feel free to choose according to your purpose.
You can choose between ultrasonic cutting, edge-less, hidden edge, silk taping, and soft overlock, etc. according to your preference.

We can insert the brand name in various ways such as labeling, embroidery, printing and attaching stickers.
We provide product packaging services with zipper bags, polybags, plastic bags, paper tubes, eco-friendly zipper bags, and etc. 
With our own design team, we can help you as much as possible if you have any ideas for designing products or packages. 
Additional charges may occur for design and mold costs.

Product Categories

Company Introduction

We provide the best product and happiness to the best customers.

MCR Co.,Ltd. is a premium microfiber manufacturer in Korea established in 2015.
We focus on car wash products, daily supplies and cleaning supplies using microfibers through cooperation with experts with the 30-year career based on long experience and know-how.

We are doing our best to provide customized one-stop solutions to each customer, mainly through OEM and ODM production. We have established a five-step QC system in all the production process of 'Process Design - Production - Processing - Packaging - Shipping' in order to provide perfect quality products for our customers. In addition, we are providing fabric weaving, design, brand logo printing, and packaging services for our customers.

MCR's microfiber products have been made w
ithout using artificial chemicals, but they have strong absorbing and cleaning power. We are committed to innovating technology and developing products to provide our customers with better products and services. We have developed a variety of fabrics suitable for each use so that we can provide products that meet our customers’ needs. With the goal of 'Let’s make the world as our market', we are exporting Korean microfiber products around the world, and many customers around the world are satisfied with our excellent products.
As a result, our products are being exported to about 35 countries as of 2020.

MCR guarantees honest and excellent quality, continuous R&D, domestic production in Korea, and accurate delivery. We put customer value first. We are preparing for tomorrow with the corporate vision of realizing the best quality and the best customer satisfaction.
We hope that we can solve many risks with your company that can occur in your business with our honest products.

MCR is a company that puts customers first.

Factory Introduction

A thorough quality management system

MCR Co.,Ltd. systematically manages all processes from production, embroidery, processing, inspection, to packaging. As a result, we can supply high-quality products that meet the needs of customers around the world on time. We also strive to provide comfort to the daily lives of our customers by offering new products through constant product and technology development.

Factory 1 is currently located in Siheung, Gyeonggi Province, Korea, and Factory 2 is located in Bupyeong District, Incheon. Overall production such as weaving, processing, and embroidery is carried out in Factory 1, and other processes such as inspection and packaging are carried out in Factory 2. All production and processing are carried out under a thorough management system to minimize the occurrence of defects.

In addition, with the help of various experts in Korea, we provide extra high-quality products through various connections.

Why Choose Us

1. A microfiber specialist with 30 years of experience
With 30-year experience and know-how, we deliver outstanding products that meet customer needs.

2. A thorough quality management system
Our five-step management system provides consistent, high-quality products at all times.

3. A customized service for customers
We provide customized all-in-one services for each customer, from size, color, logo, to packaging.

MCR Microfiber Yarn's Advantages

▶ Characteristics
The cloths are made of microfibers with wedge-shaped cross sections that trap and remove all kinds of dust and particles from surfaces.
It's the finest fiber yarn available, and adheres to surfaces better than ordinary yarn.

The material in microfiber cloths is made of finely woven polyester and nylon that feels like a chamois.

The specially constructed knit fabric in the microfiber cloth provides a large surface area, 60-100 times more than other cloths, which results in microfiber cleaning cloth having enormous absorption and cleaning power.

Because of that, our products clean nearly all surfaces without soap and detergent.
Microfiber is so powerful that it can remove ordinary dirt and bacteria on its own.

▶ Cleaning Power

Dries in 1/3 the time of ordinary cleaning towels.
Microfiber contains more than 200,000 fibers per square inch.
Microfiber filament is very fine, strong, and generates no particles. Microfiber also does not damage any surface.
Microfibers act as tiny hooks that grab and hold onto dirt, dust, and grime, almost like a magnet.

▶ Absorptivity
Microfiber cloths have great ability to absorb water and eliminate it from large spaces.
Microfiber is super absorbent, absorbing over 7 times its weight in water.

▶ Durability
Because they use microfiber yarn unlike ordinary cloths, microfiber cloth can eliminate spots or dust from any surface. Microfiber lasts approximately 600 washes (over two years under normal use conditions).

▶ Environment-freindly
Microfibers require no soap or any chemicals, detergents, or cleaning agents. Microfiber is totally lint free and non-abrasive.
Their unique microfiber designs easily remove dust and grime and also wipe away oil, fingerprints, and grease without the use of chemicals and detergent.



Q1. Do your company provide customized service?
- Yes, we are providing a variety of customized all-in-one services such as customized size, color, logo printing, and packaging.

Q2. Is it possible to do OEM order?
- Yes, it is. Please feel free to contact us if you want a product for your company.

Q3. What is your company’s sample policy?
- Samples are provided free of charge only If the sample you want is in stock. However, if you require many samples, in some cases, a sample fee may be charged.
it will be sent within 1 day after receipt of the shipping fee. Additional period may be required if you want customized sample production.

Q4. What are your terms of price?
- We receive a 30% deposit in advance, mainly by T/T, and then 70% of the balance for the BL copy. In addition, if you wish, you can also trade with PayPal or L/C.
- The price and MOQ are only for reference, and we will inform the accurate estimate for your company as soon as possible upon request.

Q5. How long does it take to deliver?
- After receipt of the deposit, we start to make, and it takes about 20 to 30 days to deliver. This may vary depending on the schedule.

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